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Blog Review: Midnight Hour (Shadow Falls: After Dark #4) by C.C. Hunter

Book Blurb:

Over one million readers have already fallen in love with CC Hunter’s Camp Shadow Falls between the Shadow Falls series and the After Dark series. Now comes the conclusion of Hunter’s massive saga MIDNIGHT HOUR (St. Martin’s Griffin; October 25, 2016), a thrilling finale involving a missing sister, a heart in quandary, and a growing tattoo no one understands. Whether you are discovering Shadow Falls for the first time or have been following the series all along, this young adult novel will draw you into its otherworldly plot.

Being a dyslexic witch is a curse in itself, but Miranda Kane’s time at Shadow Falls has helped her harness her magical powers. Now, just as she’s finally mastered them and is preparing to graduate with her friends, a near-death experience threatens to ruin it all.

Miranda awakens in the hospital with a mysterious tattoo that no one can explain. As she struggles to make sense of it – and questions her feelings for a certain irresistible shape-shifter and a hot new guy – the strange markings begin to spread all over her body, leaving her desperate to find answers. But before she can solve that problem, a new one arises: her sister is missing. Has her sister been kidnapped? Miranda will risk her life to find out. Will she live to share the day she’s worked so hard for with her friends? When the clock strikes midnight, will Miranda make it to her graduation at Shadow Falls?

MIDNIGHT HOUR can be read as a standalone novel or as the satisfying ending to a fan favorite series. A coming of age and sister story, Hunter’s conclusion will captivate the young adult audience.

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My Review:

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches--

Miranda feels like her personal life is just about perfect (minus the slight pain in her heart a certain shifter left behind) when an accident causes her and her sister to be injured. When she finds out that they are now being investigated for the accident, Miranda needs help from her friends at Shadowfalls. Hopefully together they can figure out what happened and it ties into something much bigger.

I have read the first book in the Shadowfalls series and really enjoyed it but then life got in my way and I forgot about the rest. A yearish ago, I stumbled on the Shadowfalls-After Dark Series and I could not have been happier. I loved reading every minute of Della's struggles with life and how she came to accept herself completely. I had read the short story featuring Miranda, but never really thought of her as being a main character in the series, more a side-kick who was a delicate flower. I was of course excited to get my hands on Midnight Hour because my love for these books runs deep and I wanted to learn more about Miranda, but it was bittersweet when I discovered that this is the for-real end of the series. I don't get to visit these ladies anymore unless of course I re-read the books (which I am prone to doing, but whatever).

The story alternated between Miranda, Perry and Sean's point of view at chapter breaks. I discovered how wrong I was about both Miranda and Perry. I thought Miranda was less tough than Della and Kylie, but I realized that she is stronger in other ways. She was able to understand her and other's emotions better than Della ever could, and she had the capability for self-reflection and forgiveness that makes her such a great character. Sure she is more emotional, but I don't see that as a problem anymore, just a different way to look at a situation.

When I started the book, I really did not like Perry even a little bit and I was 100% team Sean. But within the first few chapters, I jumped the Sean ship and happily sailed away with Perry. Sean was a fine character, but he kinda made me mad and I felt like his feelings for Miranda were forced based on expectations more than anything else. Perry was a more developed, complex character, and sure I was miffed at him for his previous treatment of Miranda. But gah, I lurv him. There was no doubt to me or to him as to his feelings towards her and he would have given her the moon if it was possible. Sigh. I have a new appreciation for big pink elephants.

The friendship between the three girls is really the best part of the book (series, really). I am a huge fan of romance and mystery, but the bond between the girls makes me really happy. The story ended on a really positive note, and sure I am sad to be finished, but I loved every minute of my journey in Shadowfalls. I look forward to what the author will write next.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

Author Bio:

C.C. Hunter grew up in Alabama, where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and regularly rescued potential princes, in the form of Alabama bullfrogs, from her brothers. Today, she's still fascinated with lightning bugs, mostly wears shoes, but has turned her focus to rescuing mammals. She now lives in Texas with her four rescued cats, one dog, and a prince of a husband, who for the record, is so not a frog. When she's not writing, she's reading, spending time with her family, or is shooting things-with a camera, not a gun.

C.C. Hunter is a pseudonym. Her real name is Christie Craig and she also writes humorous romantic suspense romance novels for Grand Central.

C.C. would love to hear from you. Because of deadlines, it may take her a day or so to get back with you, but she will reply.

You can find her on her blog, twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook

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  1. I LOVED Midnight Hour. I'm just sad that it's the last Shadow Falls book. :(