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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Balthazar's Bane (Gaslamp Gothic, #6) by Kat Ross

Balthazar’s Bane
Kat Ross
(Gaslamp Gothic, #6)
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: July 31st 2020
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Retelling

A bungled murder.
A ridiculous quest.
And a hero with extremely dodgy credentials.

Christmas 1889. Count Balthazar Jozsef Habsburg-Koháry tries to lead a simple life.

Oh, he enjoys a few hobbies.

Collecting ancient Egyptian artifacts. Hunting necromancers with a wire garrote. Impersonating dead Hungarian nobility. Seducing an endless string of women who never suspect the price of the count’s attentions.

But considering what Balthazar used to be like, these pursuits are harmless. And surely he deserves a reward for assassinating the elusive necromancer John Mortlake in the middle of Cairo’s teeming bazaar. What could be better than a holiday cruise up the Nile with his secretary Lucas Devereaux?

There’s just one thing that might ruin his mood.

If, for example, someone stole the talisman that’s kept him alive for two thousand years.

That would really suck.

Unfortunately for Balthazar, he just killed the wrong necromancer – one with a vengeful daughter and huge debts to some very shady djinn. To get his mojo back, he and Lucas must find a legendary sword and liberate a desert kingdom of magical misfits. For centuries, the people of Al Miraj have sought a valiant champion willing to face the wrath of the arch demon Fulad-zereh!

What they get is Balthazar.

But the gods always did like a good joke.

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense--

While this is the 6th book in the Gaslamp Gothic series, I feel like new readers can easily jump right into this book. Balthazar has been introduced in previous books in the series as a side character, this is his true first story where he is the main character and the mystery is completely new. This very much can stand on it's own, so it is the perfect read for anyone who likes historical fiction with some supernatural flair.

It was really only a matter of time until Balthazar got himself into serious trouble, and that is what this book it. Fighting off a bout of boredom and unrest, he finds a woman who intrigues him enough to have him pursue her on to a journey through Egypt, one that could very easily cost him his life. Through things he can't control (but is pretty much his own fault), Balthazar's life has turned completely upside down

I am so here for the Balthazar/ Lucas adventures! Every book that Balthazar pops up in, usually just a few pages here and there, I have wanted to know more and here it is. Finally I get to see more of the banter I have come to love from this super entertaining odd couple. Balthazar is this flamboyant risk taker who loves to be seen and seduce, such a loud personality full of spunk and snark, an immortal who is getting bored with his life. Lucas on the other hand was saved and raised by Balthazar as a child and now as a man is incredibly practical, more the level headed of the two who always seems to get them out of jams but appears to have the soul of an old man who would rather stay home, relax and eat digestive biscuits- and have dry one liners I adore.

Balthazar's Bane wrapped up nicely, leaving (almost) no loose ends, even if it was a little bit bittersweet. I look forward to more from Balthazar and Lucas as well as the rest of the gang in a future installment in this interesting, twisty series.


Author Bio:

Kat Ross worked as a journalist at the United Nations for ten years before happily falling back into what she likes best: making stuff up. She’s the author of the Fourth Element and Fourth Talisman fantasy series, the Gaslamp Gothic paranormal mysteries, and the dystopian thriller Some Fine Day. She loves myths, monsters and doomsday scenarios. Check out Kat’s Pinterest page for the people, places and things that inspire her books.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Roaring by Lindsey Duga

Book Blurb:

Roaring by Lindsey Duga

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: August 3rd 2020

Entangled Teen

Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters.

For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt is the only person who can resist a siren's voice. But he's never had a chance to test this ability. The last siren left in the world mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Then one night, with a single word, she reveals herself. It seems too good to be true.

And it is. Because nothing about this siren—her past, her powers, or her purpose—is what it seems...

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Teen--

Eris does her best to keep her head down and her mouth closed, because when she doesn't, her words can make people do anything she asks. Eris longs for a simple life away from the speakeasy and big city, but what she never expected was to encounter someone like Colt. Colt is a monster hunter for a task force that takes down the monsters that walk among man, having trained his whole life for one target- the last siren...who just so happens to be unsuspecting Eris.

Whatever the case, part of me loved that he could resist— even if it put me in more trouble. Maybe it made me a masochist, but the fact that we could carry on a conversation without his gaze going blank made me happy. Finally, I’m heard.

This was such a cool idea for a book! We have the real life vibe of the 1920's with the flappers and slang, making it feel very authentic and like I was reading a historical fiction. And then we have the creepy, twisty parts of the underground world of monsters (all varieties, be it sirens, cyclops, vampires, minotaurs and all other kinds of intense beasties) seamlessly meshed with history. The world building in this story was hands down my favorite part of the book, the layers of complexity in this underground world where liquor is illegal, girls are looking for freedom, and mob bosses rule- but they might not be human.

Roaring is my second read from this author and I love how she can make such intense worlds and characters within the pages of a single book, you can pick this up and enjoy a complete story with a satisfying conclusion and a great love story. Also expect action/danger as well as some surprising twists as you get lost in this book. I enjoy that this wrapped everything up and left me with no loose ends, but I will say that I would love for her to someday return to this secret monster underground and write another book in this world. Pick this up if you enjoy monsters, fights, historical fiction, unlikely heroes saving the day and most of all romance.

Lindsey Duga developed a deep love for courageous heroes, dastardly villains, and enchanting worlds from the cartoon shows, books, and graphic novels she read as a kid. Drawing inspiration from these fantastical works of fiction, she wrote her first novel in college while she was getting her bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University. By day, Lindsey is an account manager at a digital marketing agency based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By night, and the wee hours of the morning, she writes both middle grade and young adult. She has a weakness for magic, anything classical, all kinds of mythology, and falls in love with tragic heroes. Other than writing and cuddling with her morkie puppy, Delphi, Lindsey loves catching up on the latest superhero TV show, practicing yoga, and listening (and belting) to her favorite music artists and show tunes. KISS OF THE ROYAL is her YA debut novel.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Magicsmith Series by L.R. Braden

Book Blurb:

Casting Shadows

The Magicsmith Book 4 by L.R. Braden

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Children are disappearing.

With Purity growing in political power and bigotry on the rise across the Realms, Alex’s short-term goals are to stay under the PTF's radar and as far from the fae Courts as she can. But her plans go up in smoke when May, the younger sister of her good friend Emma, goes missing.

The fae are involved.

Alex will do everything she can to find May, but to mount a rescue she'll have to avoid PTF raids, conquer old ghosts, and risk coming face to face with her fae grandfather again.

War is coming.

Lines are being drawn. No one is safe. To survive, Alex will have to choose a side.

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Catch up on the Magicsmith series!

Book Blurb:

A Drop of Magic (The Magicsmith #1)

The war isn’t over . . .

With the world clinging to a fragile peace forced on the Fae by humanity after the Faerie Wars, metalsmith Alex Blackwood is plunged into the world of the half-fae who traffick in illegal magical artifacts. Her best friend’s murder and his cryptic last message place her in the crosshairs of a scheme to reignite the decade-old war between humans and fae.

Worse, violent attacks against her and the arrival of a fae knight on a mission force Alex to face a devastating revelation of who and what she is. To catch a killer, retrieve a dangerous artifact, and stop a war, Alex will have to accept that she’s an unregistered fae “halfer” with a unique magical talent—a talent that would change everything she believes about her past, her art, and her future.

Her world is crumbling around her, and Alex will have to decide who to trust if she and the world are going to survive.

Goodreads | Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo

Read my 4 Star Review of A Drop Of Magic HERE


Book Blurb:

Courting Darkness (The Magicsmith #2)

Deeper into the shadows. . .

The paranatural community isn’t done with Alex. She’s been summoned to the fae court, and she's got her hands full trying to prepare. But her date with the fae will have to wait. There’s been a death at the gallery, and the man she hoped would be a part of her future is the prime suspect.

Bitter enemies pull her into the middle of a paranatural war for territory that has her dodging police, swords, teeth, and claws—not to mention the truth. The deeper she digs, the more secrets she uncovers, and the less certain she is about the innocence of the one man she wanted to trust.

She thought she was done with murder and monsters, but she’ll have to enter the belly of the beast if she hopes to save her friend.

Goodreads | Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo

Read my 4 Star Review of Courting Darkness HERE


Book Blurb:

Faerie Forged (The Magicsmith #3)

New world, new rules . . .

Alex is screwed. She’s due at the fae Court of Enchantment in less than twenty-four hours, but she’s not even close to being ready. Her job is hanging by a fraying thread. There’s a new vampire master in town. And several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the Paranatural Task Force.

She’s their best chance for release before the full moon reveals their secret, but the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather. All Alex can do is call in a favor, hope to hell she can survive the plots of the fae court, and hightail it home to salvage her life.

One mistake at court could change everything . . . .

Goodreads | Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google | Kobo


Author Bio:

Born and raised in Colorado, award-winning author L. R. BRADEN makes her home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her wonderful husband, precocious daughter, and psychotic cat. With degrees in both English literature and metalsmithing, she splits her time between writing and art.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Calypso's Heart (Orion's Order #1) by M.C. Solaris

Book Blurb:

Calypso’s Heart

An Orion’s Order Novel

Book One

M.C. Solaris

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: M.C. Solaris LLC

Date of Publication: Print Book 5/15/20

Date of Publication: eBook 7/20/20

Number of pages: 665

Word Count: 180,000

Cover Artist: Mayhem Cover Creations

Tagline: Sexy Shifters. Hot Vampires. Intriguing Immortals.


Sexy shifters. Hot vampires. Intriguing immortals. Strong heroine. Sizzling romance. Page-turning plot full of emotion and excitement. Modern and fresh take on fated mates.


Do you dream of ridiculously hot men? Okay, maybe you do. (And yes, I'm well aware I should lay off the romance books before bed.) But do you actually ever meet those men you dream about in real life? I didn't think so. That's probably a good thing though because I have... And these men from my dreams have done nothing but pull the rug of reality out from under me... which was how I fell and ended up in a world that I thought only existed in romance books.

My name is Caly (AKA Callie) and I'm just an ordinary single woman living the LA dream... paycheck to paycheck. Except whose dream is it? I'm not really sure... but it's not my dream. Especially because I have really weird dreams... like really weird. Then again, everyone has weird dreams, right?


I am an alpha wolf shifter and leader of Orion's Order, a pack of... well, not wolves. We're an unconventional pack of highly skilled specian hunters that do one thing: hunt the evil in our world. And we were hired by SILE (Species Investigative Law Enforcement) to hunt a bloodthirsty criminal who is infamously untraceable. That was until an irresistible female brought an unexpected twist to our hunt and set things in motion... a motion that has left my pack and our world forever changed.

Welcome to The Order and a secret world of magic and mystery, where a pack of unlikely friends find love and fight against an ancient evil force.

Devour this addictive series at your own risk…

+ Happily Ever After

+ Steamy Paranormal Shifter Romance

+ Multiple POV

+ Mature Content

CALYPSO’S HEART is an adult paranormal wolf shifter romance. If you like swoon-worthy males, heroines with feminine strength, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, happy ever afters, and getting sucked into a supernatural story, then you’ll want to immerse yourself in the world of species!

You’ll feel right at home if you’re a JR Ward, Nalini Singh, and Dannika Dark fan.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N

Blake walked over to Caly who was still playing dishwasher at the kitchen sink. His body was just inches away from pressing up close behind her when he reached around either side of her body to place the dishes in the warm and soapy sink. With his hands tangled with hers in the sudsy water, he pressed in close to her backside and kissed her neck. He didn’t care if anyone saw. Hell, it was good if they did see because he was publicly claiming her (as if it wasn’t clear enough already).

“I like how you look in my clothes,” he whispered in her ear.

God, she suddenly remembered that she was the Midol period model. Hot. And it was literally starting to get hot with him behind her all close like that.

“Thank you for the coffee and muffin this morning. It honestly was—”

The most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me and I cried.

“Really thoughtful.”

“My pleasure," he said in a low voice only meant for her.

She shuddered at the vibrations coming from his chest. It felt as if she was pressed up to a bass speaker. The source of vibrating heat at her back disappeared when Blake rolled away and leaned against the counter in a smooth motion.

As if he didn’t just tease her, he casually continued the conversation, “I intended to have Felix stay in the room with you when you woke but he was hell-bent on following me around.”

Damn if that wasn’t the icing on the cake to her already melting heart.

Speaking of which, where is Felix? she wondered.

As if he read her mind, he gestured with his head to where the twins were sprawled out on the massive couches. And, yeah, Felix was there curled up on Rhyker’s chest. It was a cat nap triad.

See, Caly thought with a smile. She knew Rhyker was a big ol’ softy under that bad boy facade.

“Who usually cleans up around here?” she asked, placing another dish in the dishwasher.

“The general rule is clean up after yourself. And, well, we haven’t all sat down and had a meal together like that in…” He paused in thought. “Ever.”

“Ever?” Caly said with brows popped.

“Sure, sometimes we eat at the same time but it’s more like someone will grab something quick, like a bowl of cereal or a muffin. Or we’ll just order pizza like last night. Usually, the only ones cooking meals are the twins and they tag team and have their own system down. And, yeah, the twins do the shopping and everyone just pitches in for groceries. Once we tried to take turns on the shopping task but that turned out into a brawl when the bacon was forgotten.”

She laughed as he helped her load the last couple of dishes.

“By the way, breakfast was good. Thank you.” He kissed her on the cheek and she blushed.

As if he liked her reaction, he turned her chin toward him with the crook of his finger and kissed her. It was slow as if savoring his favorite dessert. He wanted to take her right there. He imagined lifting her to the edge of the counter, settling between her thighs, slipping his hoodie over her head, leaning down to taste...

Later, he commanded his mind to cut off the fantasy. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t deepen the kiss. When his tongue slid in to dance with hers, a wolf whistle sounded from the twins' direction. Blake sent them the middle finger while his attention remained on Caly. He playfully nipped at her lower lip and the corners of his lips turned up in a closed-lipped smile. He took a step back leaving some space between them.

“Come on. I’ll show you around the rest of the house.” He tried to sound casual as if that kiss did not just make him want to only show her his bedroom.

Putty. Her legs were putty. It took a moment for them to receive the command from her brain that told them to move. The things this male did to her. Yeah, she was screwed. She recalled the tender moments and deep intimacy they shared last night. She remembered feeling safe while sleeping peacefully and when she blinked her eyes open, she was greeted with hot coffee and a muffin. And, yeah, now the PDA. She felt her mind hop back on the overanalyze express.

Stop, she commanded the railroad conductor. She had to get off that train, and fast... because it was so not the time for that merry go round.

M.C. Solaris’s life took an unexpected turn during the super blood moon eclipse on January 20, 2019. She woke up and began writing bios for her imaginary friends that she met that day. As soon as the pen hit the paper (or fingertips to the iPhone), she couldn’t stop. It was kind of like one of those fire hydrants, spewing copious amounts of water all over the place. The characters and their stories just flowed out of her. She is honored to be the scribe, getting to share her friends’ stories. You can read all about her gifted friends in the Orion’s Order series (Book 1 is Calypso’s Heart).

On a personal note, M.C. Solaris is actually the pseudonym of Marina Schroeder, women’s health enthusiast and lover of all things paranormal romance (PNR) and happily ever after (HEA). When she is not curled up on the sofa with her partner’s oversized hoodie, a PNR novel, peppermint tea, and one of her three cats, you will find her either at the ocean with her toes in the sand or in a forest hugging a tree. Well truthfully? There is one more place you might find her: trolling the aisles of Whole Foods for a satisfying combination of salty and sweet while hiding in her partner’s hoodie… like any proper PNR-writing introvert.

Want to get the latest scoop, sneak peeks, and short shares all about her imaginary friends? Go to and sign up for the newsletter.

Welcome to The Order!
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads

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Sales Blitz for The Gamer Boy Series by Lauren Helms

Check out the brand-spanking-new covers for the Gamer Boy series by Lauren Helms! This pro-gaming team is ready for another round of fun and can’t wait for you to join them. Don't wait another second, fall in love with a gamer boy today! You've got three to chose from or fall in love with them all! For a limited time, get book #1, LEVEL ME UP for only $.99!


A fast-moving game of chance and love. Morgan Lawson wasn't expecting to meet Dex Roberts, a drop-dead sexy pro gamer who was ready for a challenge in LEVEL ME UP. For these two, it's not about the win, it's about leveling up. A love at first sight romance.

Read Now for only $1 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Also available on audio!

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History doesn't have to repeat itself. Or does it? Life was on track for Gia Newman until tall, dark, and broody blast from the past, Simon Palmer shows up. In ONE MORE ROUND, they're playing for keeps when they thought the game was over. A second-chance romance.

Read Now for only $1 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Also available on audio!

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What started as a game between friends turns out to be so much more in GAME ALL NIGHT. Ruby Jacobs finds Link Witt opinionated, frustrating, charming as hell, and they’ll only ever be friends, but Link is ready to play this game for real, with no “game over” insight. A friends-to-lovers romance.

Read Now for only $1 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Coming soon to audio!

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About Lauren Helms

Lauren Helms has forever been an avid reader from the beginning. After starting a book review website, that catapulted her fully into the book world, she knew that something was missing. Lauren decided to take the plunge and write her first novel. While working for a video game strategy guide publisher, she decided to mix what she knew best--video games and romance. She decided to take the plunge and joined NaNoWrimo and a month later, she had her first draft.

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