About Me


My name is Katherine and I love pretty much everything about books and reading in general. Oh, and I have developed an unhealthy (for my bank account) addiction to Book Box Subscriptions (you can see them on my Instagram each month). I love almost everything nerdy, comic con is my happy place, and getting to meet authors and have a book personalized makes my day.

I have always been an avid reader, reading over 100 books a year before Goodreads was around to conveniently keep track for me. When I moved to Utah, I jumped at the chance to be a bookseller at Barnes and Noble for over six years, specializing in children and YA books (as well as developing a consuming love for Urban Fantasy- if you haven't read any, you need to!)

From there I decided that I wanted to become a book blogger, to get my bookish thoughts out to a wider audience than my local B&N. After some trial and error, as well as attempting to learn how to blog (which in case you were not aware, can be complicated and very time consuming- be glad I love books and want others to know my thoughts, otherwise I may have quit). And that was how Smada's Book Smack got started in 2016.

Feel free to reach out to me to ask for reviews of titles (I read all kinds of genres, but my favorite are YA, Urban Fantasy, New Adult and some Mystery). I don't guarantee that I will be able to read all request, but I am interested in seeing what is available.

Also, you can contact me if you just want to ask a bookish question or have some random thought to share.

Contact Info:

email- krlga00@gmail.com

Twitter- @krlga00

Instagram- krlga00


**PS Gifs, Memes and most images used to help express my reviews are not created by me but the wonderful people on the internet- if you have a problem with an image I use in a review let me know and I can remove it!


  1. Dear Katherine,
    Thank you so much for your generous and enthusiastic review of Sparked! Helena and I happen to be together in Oregon right now, for a reading, and so we read it together and were delighted by your interpretation and sentiments. MUCH appreciate how thoughtfully you reviewed it. Great blog, too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I highly enjoyed your book. Glad you guys enjoyed my review!

  2. Hello Katherine & greetings from Ireland! What does the name of your blog actually mean?