Thursday, August 24, 2017

Review: A Time for Everything by Brona Mills

Book Blurb:

What things in life should be left to fate? And if altered, could it destroy everything?

In this time-travel dilemma, twenty-year-old Michael is visited by time-traveller Audrey, who leads him down a path to improve his life.

But information comes at a price. Michael becomes aware of the deadly way in which Audrey was pushed back in time and the danger that awaits her.

Does knowing the future mean fate can be changed? Does Michael love Audrey enough to sacrifice the history created with her in the time-travel loop?

Will he risk the career he has built for his family’s financial security?

Can he save Audrey’s life by preventing the event that caused her time-travel?

Can he return her safely to her own time... to the arms of her waiting husband?

What are the rules?

What are the possibilities?

Could tampering with destiny lead to something else?

What would you risk to save the woman you loved, if the stakes were literally everything?

Don't miss out on this exciting debut novel that will leave you in love, even after you close the pages.

My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural--

On Michael's 20 birthday, a crazy thing happens and he sees a flash and then a strange girls appears and seems to know him and then disappears in another flash. He spends the next year trying to figure out what happened, but comes up with no answers until on his next birthday she shows up again. She is from the future but has no idea how she came here, but she wants nothing more but to get home and Michael will do everything he can to get her home.

I thought the story started really interesting and then it became a little slow and slightly tedious for me, where ideas and thought were discussed, but no real action happened. The second half of the story picked up the pace and became compelling again, where I wanted to see how everything played out. I felt like the story had a definite Time Traveler's Wife feel to it, with stolen moments and a relationship developing that has the potential to go nowhere. If you like mystery, time travel and a timeless love, then you will need to read this tale.

​I easily spent at least half the book making theories about what was going on, convinced I knew, and then discarding them for the next idea. At times my interest in the actual plot would start to wan, but I had to keep reading to see what was going on with Audrey, her connection to Michael and how the story would resolve- and to see if I was right, which is the most important part after all.​ The why's behind Michael's choices were very specific, and I enjoyed the thought that went into it by the author. Somethings I had figured out and was ever so happy that I was correct, but other twists still came as a shock, and I have no idea what happens now after an ending like that. It seems as if this is the first in a series, because I have questions and am not able to let it go at that.

​I think this book was just as much a mystery as a romance. The author leaves clues laying around like bread crumbs for the reader to pick up (if they are aware) and attempt to assemble the puzzle. Sorry for being ​vague, but that's what you get.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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