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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Roaring by Lindsey Duga

Book Blurb:

Roaring by Lindsey Duga

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: August 3rd 2020

Entangled Teen

Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters.

For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt is the only person who can resist a siren's voice. But he's never had a chance to test this ability. The last siren left in the world mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Then one night, with a single word, she reveals herself. It seems too good to be true.

And it is. Because nothing about this siren—her past, her powers, or her purpose—is what it seems...

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Teen--

Eris does her best to keep her head down and her mouth closed, because when she doesn't, her words can make people do anything she asks. Eris longs for a simple life away from the speakeasy and big city, but what she never expected was to encounter someone like Colt. Colt is a monster hunter for a task force that takes down the monsters that walk among man, having trained his whole life for one target- the last siren...who just so happens to be unsuspecting Eris.

Whatever the case, part of me loved that he could resist— even if it put me in more trouble. Maybe it made me a masochist, but the fact that we could carry on a conversation without his gaze going blank made me happy. Finally, I’m heard.

This was such a cool idea for a book! We have the real life vibe of the 1920's with the flappers and slang, making it feel very authentic and like I was reading a historical fiction. And then we have the creepy, twisty parts of the underground world of monsters (all varieties, be it sirens, cyclops, vampires, minotaurs and all other kinds of intense beasties) seamlessly meshed with history. The world building in this story was hands down my favorite part of the book, the layers of complexity in this underground world where liquor is illegal, girls are looking for freedom, and mob bosses rule- but they might not be human.

Roaring is my second read from this author and I love how she can make such intense worlds and characters within the pages of a single book, you can pick this up and enjoy a complete story with a satisfying conclusion and a great love story. Also expect action/danger as well as some surprising twists as you get lost in this book. I enjoy that this wrapped everything up and left me with no loose ends, but I will say that I would love for her to someday return to this secret monster underground and write another book in this world. Pick this up if you enjoy monsters, fights, historical fiction, unlikely heroes saving the day and most of all romance.

Lindsey Duga developed a deep love for courageous heroes, dastardly villains, and enchanting worlds from the cartoon shows, books, and graphic novels she read as a kid. Drawing inspiration from these fantastical works of fiction, she wrote her first novel in college while she was getting her bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University. By day, Lindsey is an account manager at a digital marketing agency based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By night, and the wee hours of the morning, she writes both middle grade and young adult. She has a weakness for magic, anything classical, all kinds of mythology, and falls in love with tragic heroes. Other than writing and cuddling with her morkie puppy, Delphi, Lindsey loves catching up on the latest superhero TV show, practicing yoga, and listening (and belting) to her favorite music artists and show tunes. KISS OF THE ROYAL is her YA debut novel.

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