Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Review: To Carve a Fae Heart (The Fair Isle Trilogy #1) by Tessonja Odette

Book Blurb:

Every young woman dreams of marrying a king.

Everyone except for me.

Because the king I am to wed has razor sharp fangs and a thirst for blood.

All my life I knew I’d come of age during the Hundred Year Reaping. According to the ridiculous treaty, two human girls are sent to the faelands as brides for the fearsome fae king and his devilish younger brother.

Not me. I was supposed to be safe. Two girls were chosen from my village already. But when they are executed for offending the king, my sister and I are sent in their place.

What a mess. Then again, maybe it’s not so bad. The younger brother I’m paired with doesn’t seem as monstrous as I’d expected. He’s delightfully handsome too. But nothing compares to the chilling, dangerous beauty of the fae king. And when my sister flees the castle and her terrifying husband-to-be, I’m left to marry him instead.

If I go through with this, I might not survive my wedding night. If I don’t, no one is safe, neither human nor fae. An ancient war will return, bringing devastation we haven’t seen in a thousand years. Can I sacrifice myself for the good of my people? Or will a dangerous desire be the death of me first?

If I don’t lose my heart, the king will certainly lose his. I’ll carve it out with an iron blade if I have to.

To Carve a Fae Heart is an enemies-to-lovers fantasy, perfect for fans of The Cruel Prince, ACOTAR, and The Iron King. If you like snarky fae, brooding fae royals, sizzling romance, and fierce heroines, you'll love this breathtaking fae fantasy.

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My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Faeries, Heart-Wrenching, Mystery, Romance, Royal-Court, Supernatural--

Please excuse me while I fangirl over this completely unexpected book. I will admit that I lusted after the book when I saw the cover since I am a cover snob. Add the fact that it was about Fae and I was sold. I went into the book with an open mind and only a vague recollection of the synopsis and I instantly became obsessed. Right from the first chapter, I was immersed. The writing flowed, the characters were compelling, the world building fantastic and the plot was unique- and it didn't hurt that there was a certain broody, horned fae that stole my hear with his snark and sly smile.

He may not have changed his appearance, but he altered my perception of him, made me see desire instead of danger. I hate that he has that kind of power over me. But during the glamour? I didn’t hate it at all. I loved it. Loved staring at his lips, his eyes. Loved the pull between us, the smell of his skin, the heat of his body.

We have a completely different world where an uneasy truce lies between the humans and the Fae, a marriage between the two groups every one hundred years all that stops a war. Both sides have their stories of who is at fault, but who is right? Political intrigue, meets mystery and magic with a reluctant romance that I was blowing through the pages because I wanted, no needed, to see it bloom (hopefully!).

“You’re so lucky. The Stag King is quite yummy to look at. Plus, he has a huge…kingdom, as rumor would have it.” He waggles his brows, his grin wide enough to show his slightly pointed teeth.

Fangs. I knew it—wait. Did he just hint at innuendo? “Huge kingdom?”

I was completely thrown by the twists in the story and the ending was the most awful kind of cliffhanger where I am in need of the next book asap. There is no doubt that I will read the next book as well as all others by this author! This is the perfect read for those who love The Folk of the Air Series or The Court of Thrones and Roses.


  1. Great review! I had not heard of this book before your review and now I am DYING to read it! Sounds like something I would really love!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    1. Hi Michelle, this was such a good read! I highly recommend you snag a copy