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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Courting Kate (Panthers Players #1) by Tori Kron

Courting Kate
Tori Kron
(Panthers Players, #1)
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: June 23rd 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports

Slapped with court ordered community service for brawling—again, Miller Cassidy, the Indianapolis Panther’s star player, is forced into laboring under stodgy non-profit supervisor, Kate Gallagher. Her saving grace—she happens to be best friends with Stella, the woman he’s been chasing for years.

Despite the masses falling for his charm, Kate doesn’t care for Miller’s notorious reputation or his flippant behavior. But wanting to impress her strict boss, she agrees to a trade that could give them both a shot at success.

Propelled into an unlikely alliance, Miller finds himself taking a defensive stance when he sees beyond Kate’s hard exterior. And Kate is equally thrown off guard when she discovers there’s more to Miller than games.

But is love worth sacrificing friendship? And can Miller let go of the feelings for Stella he’s held onto for years?

In love and basketball, it’s five fouls and you’re out, and every play counts.

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My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance--

Kate has been on her boss's angry list after the disastrous charity event the year before, even though it was not Kate's fault. When her friend Stella forces a new volunteer on Kate's hands, Kate agrees to help her friend as well as possibly make brownie points with her boss. She just never realized the challenge she would face on all kinds of levels. Miller always gets caught while he is in the middle of helping someone out, but the police and the media think he is just a useless playboy basketball player. When Stella, the woman he has been trying to win back, determines he needs to work his community service at her strict friend Kate's business, he figures this is the chance to prove himself. But is he trying to prove himself to Stella- or to Kate?

I have recently realized that I am such a sucker for sports romances, be it adult or ya. There is just something thrilling about romance blooming during the already heightened emotions of sports and all the drama surrounding it. They are fun and usually more light-hearted, with great banter, making sports romances one of my new favorite reads. I loved getting to see who Miller really was under his playboy exterior and snarky grins. He was a genuine nice guy, doing secret good deeds but making sure nobody knew. Also, his willingness to admit his feelings and show affection was so sweet! He is for sure a keeper. Kate was a tougher nut to crack, so caught up in the potential evilness of men, almost unable to see a real person underneath Miller's pretty flesh.

​I did find it a little off putting that the book would occasionally switch to calling Miller "the player", even during the times that the book was narrated from his point of view, as if he was referencing himself as "the player" in third person. It was super odd and made me disconnect from the story a little. And also, I questioned what it meant by player- was it because he was a basketball player or because he was supposedly a player when it came to the ladies? Also, occasionally perspective would switch from character to character or even go to almost third person during a chapter, making it a little hard to keep up.

The epilogue had an appealing open ending that makes me really want to read the next one for the drama I can see coming for Miller's sister Reagan. Also, I would not mind getting a peak at more of Kate and Miller being happy with each other since there was not too much of that in this book- more they get together and it ends.

I reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.

Author Bio:

Tori Kron has spent ten years educating middle school students in the art of English writing. She is a proud graduate of Purdue University, where she discovered a love for nearby Chicago and the adventures that awaited within. When Tori isn’t in front of the classroom, you can find her working with fellow authors in the Midwest Writers Guild or traveling the world with friends. In between excursions, she happily resides in Evansville, Indiana with her husband and son.

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  1. Thanks for being on the tour! This sounds like a cute romance story and sports romances are so much fun! I love them as well! :)

    1. There is just something so engaging about sport romances I can't resist