Monday, March 4, 2019

Review: Lies That Bind (Anastasia Phoenix #2) by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Book Blurb:

The Italian Job meets Bourne Identity meets Spy Kids in this sequel to Proof of Lies.

What if saving yourself meant destroying everyone you love?

Still reeling from everything she learned while searching for her sister in Italy, Anastasia Phoenix is ready to call it quits with spies. Then she and her friends learn that Marcus’s—her kinda boyfriend—brother, Antonio, has also gone missing. Luckily, they track down Antonio in a fiery festival in England, only to learn he has been working for the enemy, Department D, the whole time. But Antonio wants out. And so does Anastasia.

But before any of them can leave espionage and their parents’ crimes behind them, a close friend turns up dead. No one is safe, not while Department D still exists. So Anastasia and her friends embark on a dangerous plan to bring down an entire criminal empire, using every Dresden Kid they can find.

As their world becomes surrounded by spies, and the children of spies, Anastasia starts to question who she can really trust. Including her best friends…

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My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Heart-Wrenching, Mystery, Romance, Survival, Suspense, Teen--

**Keep in mind this is book 2 in a continuous series that can't be read alone- make sure to pick up book 1 Proof of Lies first!**

"Usually, when a girl met the parents of a boy she liked, she worried about making a good impression—wearing the right dress or trying to look intelligent and well mannered. I, however, threatened the Reys and accused them of murder while trying not to be kidnapped."

..."How was I going to tell him that? OMG, your parents are so adorable! And they kill people! We had such a great time!"

In the midst of such serious subject matter this random gem of side commentary really spoke to me. It was ridiculous and humorous, but yet at the same time still scary and too intense for a teenager to have to deal with- which basically sums up everything thrown at Anastasia this entire series.

This installment should have been a happier story than the first one since reasons, but instead, I felt on edge the entire book, not able to trust anyone. I had a huge dosing of paranoia from Anastasia, her emotions bled through the pages at me and I could not help but feel her desperation, sorrow and stress. Diana crafted such a believable scenario and characters that everything felt real, like this was truly happening and I was sucked in.

The one negative thing about this book was Markus. I loved him so much in the first book but overall I felt like he was kind of a swarmy jerk in this leg of the adventure. Gone was the debonair boy who would run into any scenario for Anastasia and in his place was a playboy jokester who wanted an easy conquest. I am not sure what happened to his personality but I didn't like who he became. Side note, Charlotte will always be my number one character (besides Anastasia) and she is the soul sister to Anastasia's heart.

I read this book in a day because I could not put it down, so happy that the next book is out and I can jump right in. This is the perfect series for anyone looking for action, adventure; showing the dark world of spies, corruption and lies.

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