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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Booke of the Hidden Series by Jeri Westerson

Book Blurb:

Deadly Rising

A Booke of the Hidden Novel #2

by Jeri Westerson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pub Date: 10/23/18

Things were quiet in Strange Herbs & Teas. For about a week.

Our crossbow slinging hero and her ragtag gang of Wiccans have earned some rest. But when Kylie learns that the Booke may have released not one, but two creatures of horror out into the world, it’s up to her to save Moody Bog. Again.

Calling upon the devilishly handsome demon Erasmus once more for help, Kylie’s determined to handle the mischief of the Booke and go back to a normal life. But when digging through Moody Bog’s history leads her to the ghost of her grandfather, the past she once knew is turned upside down.

Can Kylie save the town and her grandfather, or will the horrors of the Booke be too much to handle?

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My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Heart-Wrenching, Mystery, Romance, Scary, Supernatural, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Witches--

Picking up just days after the events of the Booke of the Hidden, Kylie is trying to get her life on track and put the demon mess behind her. But what she doesn't realize is that the Booke is not through with her, in actuality her demon hunting is just getting started and it is up to her to keep the town safe.

And speaking of Bookes, my own little shadow must’ve felt lonely, appearing beside me with a decided pop. Everyone turned to look, then went back to what they were doing, as if disappearing and reappearing Bookes were an everyday occurrence . I guessed now they were.

I was lucky enough to stumble across the Booke of the Hidden last year in a tiny little local bookstore in Arizona where I was sent to do a work conference, and with a few hours to kill of course I found a bookstore! I saw the book sitting on a display table, the cover was eye catching, and it had my favorite kind of sticker on the front- signed by the author. I am a sucker for signed books, and this was the first in an urban fantasy series which just so happens to be my favorite genre, so I was sold- let's call it kismet. The book has lived happily on my shelf for the last year, but I had not gotten a chance to read it due to life until I saw that book 2 was coming out and that was the best motivation to jump in.

I completely love this series! This is very much so a binge-worthy series, easy to finish one book and then jump right into the next with no time passing at all and no unnecessary rehashing of the plot. The writing style is so approachable and the characters are so complex and feel like I knew everyone well, even the side characters. Also, the totally misplaced snippets of humor and ridiculousness of certain situations (Erasmus belittling little Kylie's art work was the best!) made me so happy, a book that can break tension with snark or humor will always win with me.

Talk about man troubles, Kylie has them in spades. Between wanting Erasmus, the illusive demon she should avoid if she knows what is good for her, and Ed the sweet Sheriff who is everything good in her world. And let's not forget Jeff, the ex who just will not let her go. I guess you can call this a love triangle, and Kylie is really torn emotionally and mentally- but we all know that only one of these men could possible give her a happily ever after (but keep in mind that this is not a romance, just so happens to have a dash thrown in...And this is not the happily ever after kind of book! You have been warned.)

Side note for you all: My mom has been body snatched this last month and turned into a reader, the first time in my whole life she has voluntarily picked up a book to read (I think she read more than me this month, which I thought was basically impossible for anyone to read more than me!). When she asked for a recommendation, I told her the Booke of the Hidden. Well, she gobbled it down in a day and picked up Deadly Rising right after, having read them both in less than 24 hours, and wanted to know why I had not finished the second book yet (keep in mind I just started reading it) so we could chat. Her only complaint, and her anger directed at me for "making her read these books", is that there is a shocking cliff hanger ending and rest of the series is not out! Jeri recently said that there will be 6 books total in the series, but as of right now only these two are published and the ending is one that needs follow-up, asap! My mom now follows Jeri on every social media platform Jeri is on so my Mom can be the first to learn more news about the series. Sorry for creating a virtual stalker, Jeri!

Overall this has been a fantastic series full of battle, angst, supernatural toils, and a nice heaping of steam. I am so excited to see what Kylie will encounter next and who will join her merry band of people next. I can honestly say I have no idea what will come next.

Catch up on the series with Book 1: Booke of the Hidden

Book Blurb:

“Westerson creates an utterly believable history of witches, demons, and magic for her claustrophobic New England village including a heroine with enough spark, smarts, and stubbornness to keep both the bad guys and the deliciously dangerous love-interest on their toes.” —Kat Richardson, author of the Greywalker series

After a relationship gone bad in California, Kylie Strange moves to rural Maine for a fresh start. But she gets more than she bargained for when she finds a supernatural book bricked into the wall of her new tea shop, Strange Herbs and Teas. As soon as she opens the Booke of the Hidden, the quiet town of Moody Bog suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

First the mysterious and handsome Erasmus Dark shows up unannounced, claiming to be a demon and warning Kylie of untold destruction. She waves him off, until a museum proprietor turns up dead, and the sheriff targets Kylie as a suspect. With the help of Erasmus and a ragtag group of local Wiccans, Kylie unravels the Booke's secrets, and they begin to believe the culprit is someone--or something--much more sinister than a run-of-the mill human murderer.

Award-winning author Jeri Westerson crafts a tale of magic, murder, and romance, drawing us into the mystical world that surrounds Strange Herbs and Teas.

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Author Bio:

Los Angeles native and award-winning author Jeri Westerson writes the critically acclaimed Crispin Guest Medieval Mysteries, historical novels, paranormal novels, and LGBT mysteries. To date, her medieval mysteries have garnered twelve industry award nominations, from the Agatha to the Shamus. Kirkus Review said of her latest Crispin Guest Medieval Mystery A MAIDEN WEEPING, “Once again Guest’s past misdeeds actually help him in the present in a case that includes plenty of red herrings and an interesting look at medieval jurisprudence.” Jeri is former president of the SoCal chapter of Mystery Writers of America and frequently guest lectures on medieval history at local colleges and museums. She lives in southern California with her home-brewing husband, a complacent tortoise, and 40,000 bees.
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