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Audiobook Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Hunted (Hunter Circles #1) by Jessica Gunn

Author: Jessica Gunn

Narrator: Shannon Condon

Length: 6 hours and 42 minutes

Series: Hunter Circle, Book 1

Publisher: Jessica Gunn

Released: Aug. 16, 2018

Genre: Urban Fantasy

I'm Krystin Blackwood, and I've only ever been good at one thing: killing demons of Darkness. But at 24, I'm about to face my toughest challenge yet: shifting from working alone to joining a team of three other Hunters. Newbie Hunters.

They don't know their magik, they barely know their place in the world, and when they find out the secrets I've been carrying, they'll definitely decide it's safer if they don't know me.

But unfortunately for them - and me - Darkness has other plans. Lady Azar, Darkness's heir, stole my new team leader's kid two years ago. Now, she and her lackeys are rallying to exchange Ben's kid for me because of the power I wield. I'm one half of a prophecy to save an ancient city the Powers of Good lost centuries ago. And if I fail or die before that happens, the destruction of that city will be felt across all planes of existence.

If we can't find Ben's son before All Hallows' Eve and somehow save him without putting my life at risk, that existential explosion will absolutely happen. But it'll be nothing compared to the destruction wrought if Lady Azar changes Ben's son into a demon...and her minion.

Because the only thing more dangerous than me with a blade is a father's wrath.

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  My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Witches--

I love any and everything Urban Fantasy and the cover for The Hunted is just so very freaking gorgeous! I purchased an ecopy as soon as it was first available (but had not gotten the chance to read it yet) and when I was offered the opportunity to listen to the audiobook I jumped at it. As a side note, I had a hard time connecting to the audiobook and I am not 100% sure why. Just for some reason I found my thoughts drifting while I was listening multiple times and had to re-listen to a good chunk of the book. I think I may have enjoyed the story more if I had read my ebook instead of listening. This was a super fast listen though, easy to get through in just a few sittings.

The world building was great, so detailed and interesting, an underlying demon problem that is being fought right under the unsuspecting human's eyes. Ooh, and the prophecy of the chosen one... It was so complicated I could not help but be interested in the turns and twists of the story and I have so many questions. What a great way to hook a reader into needing the next book!

Kristen and Ben are the two main characters, switching between narration and view points as the story went on so we get to see inside the minds of both characters. I did not really care for Ben as a character overall and would love to have him not be the love interest for Kristen, who seems really cool, powerful, mischievous when bored, at times very insightful, and always interesting. He was a little one-note feeling, all impulse and brawn with very little thought, (to me at least) but maybe his character will develop later on in the series. It felt like there might be a love triangle/square brewing which I am a little concerned about, but I would love a love-match with Shawn and Kristen... (I can't wait to learn about Shawn!)

This was not a big point to the story but I kept thinking about the timeline (predominantly since Ben literally kept bringing it up...all the time, at least once per his chapter narrations). Ben's son Riley just turned 2, but he was kidnapped 2 and a half years ago when all the magical craziness entered Ben's life...which 2 and a half years ago was when his wife left him... ooh-kay, so was she pregnant when she left him? But it also mentions that she told him she was pregnant and asked if he wanted to be together while he was still normal in college, which is when I assume they got married, and I know the baby was kidnapped within the first few weeks of his life...ok, here is where I get hung up again. Can someone please provide me with a timeline because I am way too hyper focused on this useless detail like a crazy? But in my defense it is hard to overlook when Ben mentions it every chance he gets.

The ending left lots of doors open so I would like to come back and see where the next battle will take the team.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Jessica Gunn. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Jessica Gunn is a New Adult author and avid science-fiction and fantasy fan. Her favorite stories are those that transport the reader to other, more exciting worlds. When not working or writing, she can be found binge-watching Firefly and Stargate, or feeding her fascination of the ancient world’s many mysteries. Jessica also holds a degree in Anthropology.


Narrator Bio

Shannon Condon is a New York City based Actor, Voice Actor, Improviser and Filmmaker. Shannon is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, and is recognized by her unique voice and quick-witted humor. When not recording, she can be found playing with her dog/best friend, Maple. For more updates visit



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