Monday, April 9, 2018

Review: Dragon Slayers (Slayers & Protectors #1) by Kristin D. Van Risseghem

Book Blurb:

A reverse harem with a powerful magical heroine, a mystery that’s dying to be solved, and four smoking hot dragon shifters. This series will be your latest reading addiction!

Brooklyn is New York’s newest up-and-coming dragon slayer. Known as a Kill Shot, an elite assassin who can destroy dragons with one blow, Brooklyn is descended from slayer royalty. As her magic becomes more powerful—and more destructive—than it should, she seeks the help of four guys with unique abilities of their own.

Then love happens. The boys are hiding something, and are more than they appear. They’re stronger. Faster. Dangerous. But things are about to go from bad to worse. Brooklyn isn’t just the strongest slayer alive—she also has no idea who she really is, and once she discovers the truth, her entire world will be changed forever.

* * *

A suspenseful urban fantasy combined with the best of paranormal romance, Dragon Slayers is a young adult novel packed with spells, secret kisses, and multiple forbidden romances. This edgy book by USA Today Bestselling author Kristin D. Van Risseghem will have you turning the pages all night!

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My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Reverse Harem, Romance, Supernatural, Teen--

Brooklyn needs to complete one last task to complete her Level 1 training to become a Dragon Slayer- and that is to kill her first Dragon. While out on the hunt, Brooklyn is given the perfect opportunity to prove herself and she made the killing blow to bring the beast down. Loner Brooklyn finally hasthe spotlight and attention from the other students- including her instructor Manny and his friend Bronx. But still there is something not quite right about her life, something secret that she never knew.

I have been wanting to read a book by Kristin for forever, I seriously think I own most of her books I just haven't had time to read them​ so when I saw that she had a brand new Reverse Harem coming out I knew this was what I needed to read, now. Keep in mind, RH books are my new current obsession and I have been blowing through them and this was listed as not super dirty (aka erotic) I was even more happy (yes, I like to keep my heat at moderate to mild- no orgy action please!)

Anywho, I found this book to be a very quick read and I liked the setting, that it was modern New York with dragons running amok and nobody knows except this elite group of well trained warriors. Very cool. The three love interest- unique, attractive, attentive- check! The three guys were great (Bronx was my favorite but did loose points after his lack of action in one important scene, and Brooklyn forgave him WAY TOO FAST- heck, I's still holding a grudge and it didn't even happen to me.)

My big problem with the story was that Brooklyn was really boring and had almost no personality. She was kind of a rich plain Jane girl who has not had the chance to develop a personality. I really could not connect to her or care about her very much (her bestie on the other hand, I loved that girl). There was a huge bombshell dropped at the end of the story and she basically was like, huh, ok- it was a little surprising to me (but the name connection was a little over the top, but oh well). Brooklyn has potential I think, so I would love to continue the series to see if she can grow as a person (independent of the guys!) and for more awesome dragon action. I am voluntarily reviewing an advance, complimentary copy of this book.

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