Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review: Awoken: The Jewel Trilogy Book 2 by Trish Beninato

Book Blurb:

Prophecy, destiny and a war that entangles two ancient gods…

Eighteen-year-old Jewel, reliving her memories finds herself suddenly thrust into the past living in the world of mortals. Only this life and this version of herself is different. Yet, one thing stays the same, she finds herself in the path of Anubis an Egyptian god. She needs him even though it could cost her everything. But Anubis just sees her as an annoying complication to his quiet life he just can’t have- at least that’s what he tells himself. Even as he is drawn to the beautiful, dangerous goddess.

With Jewel's impending activation and Zeus trying to find them, Jewel and Anubis find themselves needing each other more than they care to admit. Only someone is about to betray the other.

Can Jewel save all of humanity from her own family in time?

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Aliens, Another-World, Heart-Wrenching, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Royal-Court, Supernatural, Teen--

Book 2 in the Jewel Trilogy picks up right after the events of the first book, where Jewel was attacked at her school dance and her best friend Teddy was kidnapped. Jewel will do anything to get back her friend, even if it means facing her past. Jewel was once a very powerful Greek "God" but due to circumstances she does not know, she has been secretly reborn in the future. Her future depends on understanding her past, even if it is painful. Jewel makes a choice that may destroy what she has started to know...

Both books in the series are really fast reads- I sat down one weekend day and was able to read both of them that same afternoon. Book one was mostly a set up for what was to come, introducing the characters and the world, hinting at the turns that book two would take. And once I started book 2, I was so hooked! Not only do these books have aliens with science fiction elements and technology, fantasy and mythology, mystery, action and a big dollop of romance (which was epic, swoon-worthy and fated!). It also doesn't hurt that both book covers are gorgeous (hey, I like my pretties!). I highly recommend this series for anyone looking for a new take on mythology because this was so different!

Trish was able to create such a cool world for her story, where what we know as "the Gods" (Greek and Egyptian- maybe more, but that is what we focus on) are really alien species that came to earth back when man was still evolving and made themselves a place of honor, using humans as they saw fit and receiving worship in return. Oh and by the way, Atlantis is a real place under the water where the aliens lived. Yeah, way to take all these mismatched ideas, legends and conspiracy theories and mesh them into one cohesive very cool story. The world building alone would be enough to make me want to read more.

Book 2 is told in a completely different way than Acceptance was, instead of the present world and issues, we instead experience Jewel's memories right along with her as she relearns who she is. I really enjoyed the fact that this was actually the backstory, more like a prequel to the trilogy, but it is set up in such a way to complement the first book. In the first book, Jewel had no idea who she was or what she was capable of, but in Awoken she is a complete person and we see her fully as well as the events that led for her to have a rebirth. This story perfectly set up what will very obviously be an epic conclusion to the trilogy. I have my heart set on a happily ever after for the love of Anubis and Jewel, but after such a turbulent past, I have no idea if I will get my way.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book​.

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