Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: Rising (The Tazavorn #3) by Sonya Weiss

Book Blurb:

When sparks fly between a human and a Supernatural, the entire planet could be at stake.

It’s been ten years since the Great Extinction, when Supernaturals threatened to destroy humanity. Now, in the sleepy town of Wayside, Nevada, seventeen-year-old Cassie Grant’s life couldn’t be more ordinary. Determined to get into an Ivy League college, her focus is squarely on her studies. But suddenly everything changes when she witnesses Jason Taylor, a cute and quiet loner, mysteriously save a young boy from falling to his death.

Although the Supernaturals ultimately retreated to their planet, three families were left behind—including Jason’s. So far, they’ve been successfully hiding in plain sight. But Jason knows that if Cassie exposes him, all their lives will be in peril—especially since Cassie’s father is the head of the Alien Eradication and Defense Department. At first, befriending Cassie is Jason’s survival tactic. But as they spend more time together, they begin to fall in love. With the authorities closing in and a hidden threat that could tear the very Earth apart, can Cassie and Jason keep each other safe—or will their star-crossed romance start another war?...

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Aliens, Another-World, Mystery, Romance, Space, Supernatural, Suspense, Teen--

Cassie is the daughter of the town "Alien Hunter", making it hard for Cassie to have any kind of life because of his crazy. On top of that, Cassie was the victim of an alien attack, bearing the scars on both her body and her mind. When she sees the cute yet quiet boy in her class, Jason, save a little boys life, Cassie knows he is not human. When she confronts him about being an alien, she ends up being dragged into his world more than she already is. Strangely enough, Cassie is still attracted to Jason even while she desperately fears what he is.

This is my second book set in this world, but not consecutively (I read Revenge but not Reckoning), so background is missing (for me to connect it to the first book in this world I read). That being said, I think that this is enough of a standalone story that anyone could pick it up and enjoy the characters, plot and world building the author created without feeling like they are missing something.

​I found this story to be a little similar to the Lux books by Jennifer Armentrout which I love, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The similarities are that the alien boy who is being pursued by other aliens tries to stay away from this nosy, curious human girl, but fate keeps throwing them together and they can’t help but to fall in love. The biggest difference between them is that the world already knows about aliens and that they are on earth. It was like a teen romantic urban fantasy with an altered history.

I enjoyed the story and liked both the characters…Jason a little bit more than Cassie though. He was a strong personality, knew who he was and was able to accept himself and what he wanted. I was intrigued that he was his own yin/yang, intended for great destruction yet chooses to heal and help others whenever able. Cassie on the other hand spent a majority of the story being conflicted over everything, be it her own wants to her life. Don’t get me wrong, she was a good character, and willing to put herself in danger for others, but she did need her big, strong (attractive) alien boy to save her (repeatedly).

​ ​I will definitely pick up anything else the author wants to write in this series, and I need to get my hands on Reckoning to fill in the gaps​ in the backstory of the alien-human conflict.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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