Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: Ring Rider (The Enchanted Circus of Jules Compere #1) by Jane George

Book Blurb:

A teenage, trailer-park runaway is offered a place to live and work in a struggling, one-ring circus. But nothing at Circus Lunastrata is what it seems, especially not the young circus cook, a guitar-playing, Edgar-Allan-Poe-quoting guy intriguing enough to be dangerous to her off-limits heart.

Soon, she’s risking not only her heart, but her life, as she dares to enter this magical and treacherous new world.

But it’s the only world she’s ever wanted to call home.

My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery,Supernatural, Teen--

Evan wishes magic was real so that she could be rid of her foster parents and the sad, lonely life she leads. After an especially abusive encounter, she runs away. While trying to figure out what she will do next with her life, a strange man on a unicycle tells her the Ringmaster is waiting for her. She has been offered a chance to join the circus, to be accepted and to find her true gift. Evan has no idea what that means, but she knows it is an opportunity she can’t refuse.

This was a really cute story full of magic, acceptance, friendship, family and becoming a better person. I went into the book not really sure of what I would get and was rewarded with a fast paced engaging mystery story unlike anything I expected or had read before. The story did have some dark topics like abuse (physical, mental and sexual), self-harm, lack of identity or belonging, and doubt, but the way the author constructed the book it did not make it a dark depressing read. Instead the book focused more on the possibilities instead of the downfalls, which I really liked.

The two things that really stuck out to me the most were the magic and the character development. Everything became magical in the realm of the circus be it the old clothing that looked better than new while during a performance, to the acrobatic feats, and let’s not forget talking elephants and communicating telepathically with a herd of horses. Seriously, everything had a magic touch to it (even Wally's gourmet food had a foodsy magic touch and where can I get his orange sprinkled doughnuts?)

Evan was the main character in this story, but here and there the narration was interjected by the Ringmaster and Wally the runaway musician-hopeful/cook. They were so detailed and human it was if I knew them. I liked quirky Evan and her quest to find herself, and I loved super sweet Wally and his need to be decent to everyone. The Ringmaster was the biggest mystery and I can’t wait to learn more about what he can do and what caused his quest to begin with. All the side characters had personalities and voices, and as a side not the author was great at creating detailed, vivid images with her words so I could see everything I was reading.

I look forward to the next book in the series to learn more about Wally and his origins, as well as keep up with Evan and the Ringmaster… and maybe learn more about the other teens too.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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