Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: Melody Bittersweet and The Girls' Ghostbusting Agency (Girls Ghostbusting Agency #1) by Kitty French

Book Blurb:

Life’s tough for Melody Bittersweet.

She’s single, addicted to sugar and super heroes, her family are officially bonkers, and she sees dead people. Is it any wonder no-one’s swiping right on Tinder? Waking up lonely on her twenty seventh birthday, Melody finally snaps. She can’t carry on basing all of her life decisions on the advice of her magic 8 ball; things have got to change.

Fast forward two months, and she’s now the proud proprietor of her very own ghostbusting agency - kind of like in the movies but without the dodgy white jumpsuits. She’s also flirting with her ex Leo Dark, fraternising with her enemy in alleyways, and she’s somehow ended up with a pug called Lestat.

Life just went from dull to dynamite and it’s showing no sign of slowing up anytime soon. Melody’s been hired to clear Scarborough House of its incumbent ghosts, there’s the small matter of a murder to solve, and then there’s the two very handsome, totally inappropriate men hoping to distract her from the job…

Welcome to Chapelwick, home of the brand new and hilarious Girls Ghostbusting Agency series, where things really do go bump in the night.

My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Ghosts, Mystery, Supernatural--

Melody feels that she needs to do something big and worthwhile with herself since she turned 27. So she decides to use her ghost seeing skills to open up a ghost busting business with her best friend. It is much harder than she expected and nothing is going according to her plan. She ends up hiring a very unqualified intern at the behest of his ghost father, running into her heartbreaking ex, dodging a reporter out to debunk anything paranormal, and an issue with her libido, while dealing with a house haunted by three difficult ghost as her first case. Hopefully Melody and her hodge podge group can figure it out before someone else ends up dead.

This was a really cute and fun read, something that seems odd to say about a book filled with ghosts and death. But really, it had humor and even moments of slapstick over the top ridiculousness that kept the book very light-hearted.The mystery aspect of the book was also really well done, and I really did not expect the murderer or the reasoning for it up until the end. There were a few moments where I was lost due to the English phrases and references, but overall it was a really good start to a new paranormal series.

I was highly entertained by the dynamic between the characters, who were each so individual and quirky. Melody tries to be a smart business woman, but has an uncontrolled sugar addiction, vivid dreams about her superhero fantasies, consults her magic 8 ball for important decisions and pretty much bumbles her way through her “plans”. The one thing she is amazing at is people- she understands what motivates people and how each person needs to be handled.

Her mom and grandmother were eccentric busybodies that loved to get into Melody’s business, especially when it came to her non-existent love life while eaching having strange quirks themselves. (Wearing a bow-tie does not make you Doctor Who, just saying.) Her best friend Marina was my favorite character, a curvy attitude filled woman who scared away most people, yet had Melody’s back no matter what and supplied her sugar addiction. Artie was surprising with his mix of innocence and wit, it was fun seeing him develop as a person through the book. And the love interests, and yes that is plural since there were 3 (technically maybe only 2 since one was dead, but whatever). This is not a romance, so don’t expect anything serious, but there are hints of what could be maybe later on in what I expect to be a series. I can honestly say that I have no idea who she will end up with, if anyone...

This was a good paranormal mystery that was very heavily character driven, which I do enjoy. I look forward to more crazy antics from this group in the future.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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