Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Smash and Grab by Amy Christine Parker

Book Blurb:

Ocean’s Eleven meets the star-crossed lovers of West Side Story. Grab some popcorn and get ready for an adrenaline-filled heist!

LEXI is a rich girl who loves a good rush. Whether it’s motorcycle racing or BASE jumping off a building in downtown Los Angeles, the only times she feels alive are when she and her friends are executing one of their dares. After her father’s arrest, Lexi doesn’t think twice about going undercover at his bank to steal the evidence that might clear his name. She enlists her hacker brother and her daredevil friends to plan a clever heist. CHRISTIAN is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. The local gang has blackmailed him and his friends into robbing banks, and he is desperate for a way out. When the boss promises that one really big job will be the last he ever has to do, Christian jumps at the chance for freedom. In fact, he’s just met a girl at the bank who might even prove useful. . . .

Two heists. One score. The only thing standing in their way is each other.

Told in alternating points of view, this caper is full of romance and fast-paced fun. Hand to fans of Perfect Chemistry, The Conspiracy of Us, and Heist Society.

My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Teen--

Lexi and her close group of friends love extreme sports, even if sometimes they are illegal. But when Lexi’s dad is arrested for embezzlement, Lexi wants to pull off the most extreme maneuver possible. Christian is part of a group of teens that rob banks, not because he enjoys it, but because his family desperately needs the money. When the two teens run into each other, there is an instant chemistry, but they deny it. When their “activities” cause them to keep running into each other, they realize that it is better to work together than against each other.

I will admit that I was expecting something a little different than this, maybe with more action. I don’t mean to say that this was a bad book or anything like that, but I felt like I was waiting for something the entire story that never actually happened. To be even vaguer, I have no idea what it was that I was waiting for; just that I know it did not happen. I had wished that there was a little bit more action (like in the final heist, it went so fast and was a little anticlimactic), but the characterizations the author developed were really well done, as if I knew Lexi and Christian. I am sucker for well developed, realistic characters and this book provided that.

Lexi was more of a tomboy who just so happened to clean up well and have unlimited money (at least at the beginning). She seemed pretty levelheaded for the level of spoiled she started out at, and I loved the relationship between Lexi and her brother. I loved her quest for adventure and that her friends were such a big part of each adventure, even if it was an illegal activity. Christian is graduating from High School and wants to make something for himself but his family loyalty and the neighborhood gangs are holding him back. Lexi is a sophmore in high school where as Christian is leaving, yet their maturity level is on par. I did find it kind of strange that Lexi had a tattoo considering she just barely must have turned 16 and I doubt her parents took her for it. I think they were really good for each other, regardless of their differences.

It was an overall good story, if at times things were unrealistic (but what do you expect in a fictional teen romance about a bank heist). I think the way they ended the last heist was a perfect Ocean’s Eleven moment, which I really appreciated. This was my first book by this author, and it will not be my last.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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