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Review & Giveaway: Something I Need (xoxo Nashville, #1) by Lena Lowe

Book Blurb:

Jonte Williamson has a dream: become Nashville’s next big star. Finding herself unexpectedly homeless hot off the plane wasn’t part of her grand plan.

Cash Bellini is a simple man: he loves his twin sister, Dolly, hates country music, and stays far away from anything more complicated than that.

When Jonte stumbles into Cash’s bar, helping out the homeless country music wannabe is the last thing on his agenda. Pity someone forgot to send the memo to his too-big heart and meddling twin. Throw in a pair of baby blue cowboy boots, a pool table and a splash of tequila, and these two are set to ignite in a hot sexy mess! Will either of their hearts survive the tug-o-war between what they want and what they need?

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My Review:

4.5 Stars Out Of 5

Genre: Romance--

Jonte packed her bags, got on an airplane and moved from Australia to Nashville to become a Country Star. But unfortunately, that is not how things worked out, and she ended up with no place to stay or to work. When she walks into a bar to drown her sorrows, she meets Cash. Cash likes to keep his distance from people, only letting in his twin Dolly, his best friend Tanner and his grandparents. For some strange reason though, Cash can’t help but be drawn to Jonte and all her drama. When Cash and Dolly go above and beyond to help Jonte, she can’t refuse. But can Jonte make something of herself in Nashville or will she have to return home with nothing?

I had an open mind and no expectations when I started reading this book and I am happy to report that I am in love. Seriously, I enjoyed every minute of this book and want a physical copy so I can hug it to my chest in a fit of joy. Over the top? Maybe, but I am ok with this. I feel like I have been in a reading slump recently and this book really picked up my day. I am not saying this was the next American Classic or anything absurd like that, but this was full of well developed characters, some hot sexy romance, and a whole lot of personality and fun. I was instantly engaged in the story right from the moment Jonte entered Cash’s bar, and the pages flew by without me noticing time passing.

The novel switched perspective between chapters, going from Jonte to Cash, giving the reader well developed characters to root for. Jonte was fun and made the best of almost every situation, and I absolutely loved that she had a backbone. She may have been in distress a few times, but she was no weak damsel to take advantage of. If she was a real person, I could see us being friends. Cash on the other hand was a dark rain cloud of a person, but I loved him anyway. He tried to be the tough, distant jerk, but he had a warm gooey center and played white knight every chance he got. He may have been abrasive and grumbly, but his actions (almost always) were with the best of intentions. He really melted my heart with his multiple attempts at the end to get forgiveness, and he was completely forgiven (as per me) regardless of Jonte’s ideas. They could easily be described as yin and yang due to how opposite they were yet how well they fit and complemented each other.

The side characters were as equally well developed as Jonte and Cash, and just as real. I would love to have more books in the series talking about the lives of all the other characters in the book (hopefully with mentions of Cash and Jonte thrown in here and there). Dolly was full of life, yet really uncertain of what she wants (even if said person is right in front of her, hint hint). Sebastian was such a wonderful, sweet guy, I want to see him be the white knight he deserves for some girl. Tanner was less developed, but I still liked him well enough. Jack, Jonte’s brother seems like he could have more going on, the big strong , protective broody Aussie vibe he throws out was intense. But hands down, my favorite character in the book (besides Jonte and Cash) was Dean. He was literally the best friend anyone could have asked for and I am madly in love with him. He was so mysterious with his own situation while helping Jonte sort her life, that I could not help but be curious about what secrets he is hiding. Hands down, I hope there will be a book in the series about him (please??).

I really enjoyed this story (in case my gushing was not apparent) and I look forward from more in this series as well as anything from this author in general. Honestly, my only complaint was that I wanted more at the ending of what happens to Cash and Jonte, be it personal life or professional, but hopefully I will see more of them to come and my curiosity will be answered.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.

Author Bio:

Lena lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three daughters. She completed a MA in Writing in 2013 and has been working on a New Adult series based in Nashville. The first book in the series, Something I Need, was a 2014 RWA Contemporary Romance Stiletto finalist in the New Adult category.

In early 2015, Lena and her family spent 5 weeks road tripping across the US. It was an amazing once in a lifetime family holiday and research for her debut series all rolled into one!

Lena is an avid reader, especially in the New Adult genre. She is a mad Colleen Hoover, Samantha Young and KA Tucker fan, and is more than a little bit in love with Becca and Krista Richie’s Addicted series, Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series and Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series.

You can visit her on Goodreads, Facebook and her website

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  1. Great review, Katherine! This sounds like an awesome read and right up my alley, too! Glad you liked it!