Friday, July 1, 2016

Review: Porcelain Keys by Sarah Beard

Book Blurb:

Aria's life is full of secrets--secrets about her mother's death, her father's cruelty, and her dream to go to Juilliard. When Aria meets Thomas, he draws out her secrets, captures her heart, and gives her the courage to defy her father. But when tragedy strikes and Thomas disappears, Aria is left alone to transform her broken heart's melody into something beautiful. Porcelain Keys is a captivating love story that will resonate long after the last page is turned.

My Review:

Genre: Romance, Teen--

Aria’s life is filled with pain and secrets ever since her mother died. She longs for the day she will graduate from high school so she can escape her father’s abuse and have the freedom to play the piano. When she meets her new neighbor Thomas, she feels drawn to him despite her reserve and his insistence that he does not date. The two become closer than Aria expected, which changes the whole course of her life.

This was an incredibly emotional read. I was not too sure what genre the book would be when I first picked this up, but I knew I was interested to see what direction the story took. Well, after completing the book, I know for certain this is a romance. Also, I would not really call this teen either, more like a clean New Adult since the story actually spans a few years and Aria has a lot of independence. Despite the obstacles, and growing up, the heart of this story is love. (Pun intended!)

When I mentioned that this was an emotional story, it is, but don’t expect happy emotions because most of the story deals with some very low lows and turmoil. The story was written well and it did have a happen ending (in most people’s opinion I am sure, but not really mine) but I found the book to be a bit of a downer. I was engaged in Aria’s story, I really felt like I knew her as a person, and I thought the book was interesting, but I can’t say that I loved it because I found it to be depressing. Almost every aspect of her life had a secret or issue associated with it. I also had a problem with how depressed she became over a boy, causing it to impact her whole world view negatively. I wanted her to be awesome and strong in spite of him, but that is not what happened. I guess maybe it was one thing too much for her to be able to bounce back from, so I will cut her some slack. But she was so skilled, competent and independent; it was difficult to see her broken.

I had a hard time with her love interest Thomas. From the start of the story he seemed perfect (almost a little too perfect, which makes me think of him as less a person and more an idea). I was leery, but I liked the way he supported Aria when times got tough and helped give her unknown dream shape and substance, enough so that she actually went for it when alone she might not have. But then an event occurred, which was terrible and awful (shocking I know based on my earlier statements) that changed their whole dynamic. I will admit that I enjoyed Devin and who he helped Aria to be. I wanted Thomas to be a distant memory, a time she overcame, but alas my wishes were futile. I personally think that he got off too easy for the damage he caused, but whatever, maybe I just hold grudges (which in fact I do).

I liked the writing style and the that it was a fairly adult romance without the heat to get in the way of an actual plot. I would love to read more by this author, preferably though something slightly more upbeat next time.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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