Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review: Driven (Otherworld Stories #13.6) by Kelley Armstrong

Book Blurb:

Subterranean Press is pleased to present a long Otherworld novella by Kelley Armstrong, featuring a number of full-color illustrations by Xaviere Daumarie. The Trade Hardcover of Driven will feature a full-color dust jacket as well as four full-color interior illustrations. The Signed Limited Edition will have a completely different dust jacket, full-color endsheets, and two additional full-color illustrations not in the Trade. If you own a copy of the limited edition of Forsaken, please mention your number to match when checking out.

Cains are known for being big, brutish and not-too-bright. The mutt clan embodies all the supernatural world’s worst stereotypes about werewolves. But not even the Cains deserve to be hunted down and skinned like animals.

When young Davis Cain comes to the Pack for help, Alpha Elena Michaels can’t refuse him. It isn't about morality or justice. It’s about not letting anyone think they can do this to werewolves and get away with it.

But Elena is also dealing with the Pack’s homegrown monster—Malcolm Danvers, onetime enforcer, full-time psycho. Malcolm is now under Elena’s control, as part of the most difficult decision she’s had to make as leader. But if she has to let Malcolm in, she’s going to make full use of him…and the best person to catch monsters is one who knows exactly how they think.

My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Survival, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Witches, Suspense--

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for all things Kelley Armstrong, and this was no exception. When book 13 in the Women of the Underworld came out and was listed as the last book in the series, I had no idea what I was going to do with myself. And then, like magic, this short story appears featuring the Pack and Elena (who has always been my favorite character). So yes this is a short story, and yes you should be familiar enough with this world before reading said short story (otherwise you might be lost at the world development and the many character dynamics) but the story reads as a full length novel. I could not be happier with what I read.

Elena is going strong as the Alpha, so not only is she the first female werewolf, but she is also the first female Alpha of a pack, and I think she does awesome. This book reinforced the team that is Clay and Elena, and left to their own devices, they could probably rule all the werewolves (not that they would want to). I appreciate how she has insight into the motivations of the other characters, such as Malcolm and his need to be given a chance, which others would never find.

I also loved seeing the other side characters that are new to the pack, like Noah, who I would love to see in his own spin off story (hint hint). And I really want to see the twins as adults or at least teens somewhere down the line. I mean really, Kate is the first born female wolf; I want to see how this plays out. And the small mention of Derrick and Chloe form the Summoning series filled me with so much joy (I loved the two of them and would like a grown-up story about them now, after being free from the institute).

Honestly, I have no complaints about what I read; I just wish that more would come my way because this is hands down by far my favorite series. I recommend any Urban fantasy or supernatural fans pick this series up to read, but start at the beginning with Bitten and get ready for some action.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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