Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: The Scarlett Legacy: Woodland Creek by K.N. Lee

Book Blurb:

Wizards. Shifters. Sexy mobsters.

Welcome to Woodland Creek, where one family of wizards gives new meaning to organized crime.

Evie Scarlett wanted two things: marry Parker Drake and her family of wizards behind.

But when Hugh Prince, a dangerous crime boss, is mysteriously murdered while awaiting trial for her father's murder, all eyes turn to the Scarlett family.

The arrival of Hugh's youngest son, Avalon returns from Scotland to bring a century-old feud to a dangerous climax. This vengeful wizard gives Evie's older brother a choice: die or give Evie to him.

When Evie's plans for escape are broken by familial duty, she must find a way to protect those she loves and win back her freedom. What she finds is an ancient power that she never knew she had.

Evie knew that evil was coming to Woodland Creek. She just never expected to be so attracted to him.

My Review:

2.5 Out of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Witches--

Wes has been one by one removing all the family members of the rival family in their small town, using his wife who shifts into a spider to do the dirty work for him. When the last remaining member of the rival family, Avalon, comes to town, Wes is caught off guard. Avalon has a plan set in motion and he gets what he wants.

This was an ok story. I thought the plot was good but at times I was over whelmed by the multitude of voices and side characters thrown at me in such a short setting. I usually don't like short stories but the premise sounded good and I had read another book in this multi-author series and really enjoyed it so I thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately, this story was not for me. I sped through it really fast once I was able to sit down with it, and lucky it was a short fast read because it did not really keep my attention.

My problem with this story was that is was too short for all the characters introduced. There were 3 main characters, alternating narration between them and tons of side characters, and so much going on in the plot that left holes in the story at times. There were not enough pages to really give the characters personalities and motivations that I could feel. Sure, the author told me exactly what the character felt, but I could not experience anything. I feel like this was an interesting plot and if the story could have been full length not novella size, then it would have been a really enjoyable read for me.

There was no back story between Evie and Parker, we are just told they were best friends to lovers and call each other Baby. A LOT. I don't really know anything about either of them except they love each other unconditionally... Ok. Wes and Olivia are the other couple and Olivia is madly in love with Wes, to the point of awkward worship but whatever, where as Wes likes that she is pretty and dangerous and sought her out like a business deal. Wes seemed to have more love and need for his sister, who was his reason for everything, where as he used his wife and her skills. They had such a strange inner dialogue about each other it was not what I would call romance, but to each their own.

Overall I feel pretty ambivalent towards this novella. I am sure that others will love it, but it was not for me.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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