Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: More Than Fashion by Elizabeth Briggs

Book Blurb:

They’re enemies who will do anything to win...including each other.

When Julie Hong wins a spot on a fashion design reality TV show, she celebrates by picking up a hot English guy in a hotel bar. But too many drinks leads to a night of embarrassment and a major hangover, and wow is she glad she’ll never see him again. Until the show starts, and he’s on it too.

Julie quickly realizes she’s out of her league among the other designers, and Gavin Bennett, with his cocky grin and sexy accent, is her biggest competition. Julie can't decide if she wants to kiss him or kill him. Or both.

After she’s almost kicked off, Julie convinces Gavin to pretend they’re sleeping together for the camera. The ploy works, but as they get closer to the show’s finale their fake relationship starts to become too real. But only one of them can win the show—and they might both end up heartbroken.

My Review:

4 Out of 5 Hearts

Genre: New Adult--

Julie has been given a golden opportunity to enter a reality show for designers, her last chance to prove to her parents that she should be a fashion designer and not the doctor they dream for. The night before the show begins, Julie wants one last anonymous hook-up to help her relax. When she finds the most attractive man at the bar and takes him back to her room, he wont have sex with her since she is intoxicated, making her angry and depressed. When she shows up at the show the next day, completely hungover and a hot mess, she finds her attractive stranger is one of her competitors.

Wow, this book was hot. It was so much steamier than the last 2 and it came on right at the beginning, within the first few pages of the book. I have really enjoyed this New Adult series and looked forward to a book about Julie who I have not learned too much about. Each book is kinda sorta a stand alone, but there is some plot crossover and you learn about the group dynamics and the events from the previous book help to create the situation for the current book (and the characters keep showing up!). I recommend that they be read in order to create a complete picture, and because each book is a fun read.

Julie is not at all what I expected her to be. She is introduced as a person who holds nothing back and is perfectly happy with who she is. And FYI, that person likes sex, and lots of it, preferably with random strangers one night at a time. I am not at all ok with this behavior for myself, but I completely respect that she owns who she is and has no shame for taking what she wants. She had a complete aversion to relationships and I was not sure really why since it gave me the impression she had never had one before so no previous experience to cause said aversion. I was a little curious as to the whys, but once she realized her true feeling man did she leap in with both feet.

Gavin her love interest/competition was freaking amazing. He was described as incredibly attractive, but he was also revealed repeatedly at what a good heart he had too. I really have no complaints about him as Julie's love interest and I like what he brought out in Julie.

Yet again the author has created a really fun (and super hot) romance that is centered on a reality show, which I just eat up. I have enjoyed every book in the series and look forward to what the author writes next for Carla, because I am hooked.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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