Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: Blue Streak by Jules Barnard

Book Blurb:

Nessa Villanueva is tired of watching Zach Elliott date every woman except her. What Nessa doesn't know is that Zach secretly puts her on a pedestal.

Zach feels dirty from the long-term affair he's been having with his mother's rich friend. Nessa's too good for him, so he'll do whatever it takes to keep her at arm's length and protect her--even from himself.

But Zach doesn't count on Nessa's determination to break out of their friends-only relationship and show him how right they are for each other...

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: New Adult--

Nessa has been in love with her friend Zach for the last year and a half, but he only treats her like a sister. Nessa plans to move on with her life when she ends up being forced to spend the night alone with Zach. Nessa takes a chance to grab her happiness, but someone from Zach's past may ruin their potential before it can start.

I have enjoyed all the books in the Blue series and was excited to read this short glimpse into Nessa and Zach's lives. They have been side characters throughout all the other books, but never had their own story until now. I am usually not a fan of short stories or novellas, but I took a chance on this one and am happy with the outcome.

Nessa and Zach's characters have already been defined in previous books and I liked both of them as people, so there was nothing terribly shocking to learn about them here. The feelings already existed between the two of them, they just never had been acted on. Nessa was sweet and hard working, and I loved her short jokes about herself and her need for high heels. She was smart enough to know she wanted more and was willing to take a chance on life and love. Zach was a little bit of an emotional mess, with feelings of inadequacy and self worth spawned by his tragic childhood. He was paying for past sins (that were not even his to begin with but a creepy lady's) and he felt that he could not deserve Nessa. I did enjoy that there was a little bit of angst here (not too much to weigh me down) but the characters communicated. I hate miscommunication as a plot device, and I was afraid the story would take that turn but instead they approached the situation like level headed adults and told the truth and faced problems head on. Hallelujah!

I guess this would work as a quick, incredibly hot standalone read if someone wanted, but I think it works best as a companion to the series. I also loved seeing more or Mira's good side in this book, since she was negative for so long. I look forward to more in the series and anything else the author wants to write since I am a fan.

I received this title from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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