Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Midnight Everlasting by SM Stelmack

Book Blurb: When a brutal massacre rocks London's underworld, Zephanie Sweetly must uncover why the legendary Rawheads have suddenly reappeared, shattering the age old truce with her bloodline. Ten years ago Thomas Coyle's son disappeared, the trail leading beneath the city's streets to a shadow world ruled by secret clans. Now, bound by the prophesy of an ancient lineage, the two must fight their way through a web of lies to save those they love from the wrath of an unknown enemy. But sometimes the deadliest enemies are the ones closest to our hearts. London's Rat Queen arises, and it's time to pay the piper. My Review: 4 Out Of 5 Stars
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Survival-- Zephanie enjoys her simple life leading people into the underbelly of the Midnight, content to play tour guide instead of being in charge. When her family’s holestead is attacked, Zephanie realizes that she has no choice but to step and pick a side. War has come to the Midnight and it is time for a new Rat Queen to command her people. I had no idea what I was reading when I first started this book. I had a vague thought that this would be a paranormal story but in no shape or form the way that the book played out. There was a mystery to solve at the heart of everything, with supernatural species, control over animals, romance and steamy naked time, cults, science and history as well as war mixed in. The story had so many aspects to it, but not alarmingly so (but enough to keep me interested and on my toes) but I felt like the main quality to the book was a mystery to solve. I had no idea that this was the second book in a series until after I started the book. That being said, I did not feel like I was missing out on anything since this was a complete story, but slight references were hinted at that I felt had been building elsewhere. I enjoyed this book that I will look for the first book as well as what I hope will be more to come in this dark creepy world. The book was predominantly told from Zephanie and her sorta, kinda love interest Tom’s point of view. There were random sections here and there that were told from other characters views, but Zeph and Tom were the main characters. After reading the book I realized that the story was written by two authors, a man and woman team, which makes me wonder if they split the writing of character perspectives by gender. Zephanie and Tom were both incredibly believable as people and both unique and likeable, which makes me wonder if each author gave a specific character a voice. Zephie is so earnest and full of zeal for the good of mankind, which is strange based on her families profession. She has none of the traits that the past Rat Queens have, which I hope is a good sign for her future. Tom on the other hand is so very jaded and sees faults in everyone. He refuses to take Zephanie at face value even though she has pinned for him for 10 years in silence. They make a great team. I will admit to the urge to hunt him down and smack him for his treatment of Zephanie near the end of the book, but he got his stuff together and I am willing to let bygones be bygones. This story for the most part wraps up nicely, at least for Tom and Zephanie. There are some loose ends for other characters which I look forward to learning about in future books (mainly the creepo Tommy and the Zhulkists). I enjoyed the story and the amazing world building that took place across the pages. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a dark paranormal romance/mystery unlike any they have read before. I received this book form the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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