Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise

Book Blurb:

Falling for him wasn't in the plans...

Most girls would kill for the opportunity to work for Jack McAlister, Hollywood's hottest actor, but twenty-one-year-old Jessica Beckett is ready to kick him out of her red Ford Fiesta and never look back. She should be spending her junior year in France, eating pastries and sharpening her foreign language skills. Instead she's reluctantly working as Jack's personal assistant, thanks to her powerhouse talent agent aunt.

Jack is private, prickly, and downright condescending. Jessica pushes his buttons—she's not the type of girl to swoon over celebrity heartthrobs, precisely why her aunt thought she'd be perfect for the job—and Jack pushes right back.

But as she begins to peel away his layers, Jessica is shocked to find she craves her boss's easy smile and sexy blue eyes. The problem is, so does the entire female population. And what started out as the job from hell soon has Jess wondering if a guy like Jack could ever find love with a regular girl like her.

My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance--

Jessica had plans to spend her semester in Europe studying abroad, but getting sick put a damper on her plans. Now that her mono is over, she is stuck working for her aunt the Hollywood agent until the next semester of college starts. Her first job is to be the agent to the most attractive and popular actor, Jake McAlister, who just also happens to be a huge pain who doesn't want an assistant anyway. In between pig walking, party planning and chasing off paparazzi, Jessica may be developing feelings for the prickly yet charming actor.

I really enjoy a love story where the small town girl/guy gets the famous/wealthy/ect person and they live happily ever after. I was excited when I read the synopsis for this story and could not wait to start reading. Unfortunately, I found the book to be just ok. Maybe my expectations were too high based on past reads ( the stories "A Safe Space" by E.M. Tippetts and "Falling for the Ghost of You" by Nicole Christie are the same type of stories and two of my favorite books in this genre and I was hoping this would be up there with those). This was not a bad story, it was fairly cute with some random comedy and awkward moments I appreciated thrown in. There was nothing wrong per se with the book, I was just not wowed by the story, and found the book to be whatever. I could put the book down and not think about it until I started reading again.

I really liked Jessica's personality. She was a hard worker who used baking as a coping method for stress, something that I can relate to. I found her to be real, with complex feelings and a personality that I would appreciate in a friend. I did not agree with her choices at times or her blinders when it came to other's attitudes and actions, but I liked her as a character almost instantly. On the other hand, I was a little put off by Jake. He was more like an idea than an actual person and I never felt like I really knew him, more like I was an outside observer to some random stranger's activities. And maybe that is how I was suppose to feel, but I personally like more development and personalities in my characters to keep me engaged. He was moody and irrational, and overall I felt like he was too much to deal with and very inconsistent. I would have liked him to have some more personal growth before he and Jessica got together.

Overall this was a fast easy romance story and I am sure others will love it.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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