Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review: Hotline to Hell by Emily Cyr

Book Blurb:

Kayel Cleary is a phone sex operator. All she wants to do is get through law school, and if that means late-night phone calls with men who think she’s something she’s not, then so be it.

That is, until one of her long-time clients is murdered – and she hears it all.

Lathan only wants one thing: a seat on the vampire council. He’s worked his entire unnatural life for this moment, only to have it fall apart when his biggest supporter ends up dead. Now, Lathan has to find and work with the only witness. And she happens to be a phone sex operator.

Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Kayel must help Lathan find the murderer and stop the impending war, all while fighting her attraction for the undead man she loves to hate. If she can’t learn their ways and figure out who killed Marco, then she may lose more than just her life … She may spark a war that would spell disaster for vampires and humans alike.

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Vampires--

'I didn’t get it at first, but when he pointed the gun at me, the fog of shock lifted real damn fast. I was a moment shy of there being a “clean-up on aisle six” situation.

“Well that was certainly unexpected.” It just kinda came out. My brain had clearly lost all communication with my mouth.'

Kayel just wants to pay her bills, do her homework and get through law school- which is why she has her (secret) job as a phone sex operator. Sure, that is not something she wants to brag about, but she has her clients, does her (at times super awkward) job and that is all that matters. When she overhears what appears to be a murder of one of her long time clients over the phone, she does what every law abiding future lawyer would- she calls the police. She could have no idea that she was inserting herself into a world she had no idea about, with vampires and politics and a hidden agenda she now finds herself part of.

I loved Kayel, she was hysterical. Who would have thought that a phone sex operator (a pretty good one, it seems) would be so wholesome and apposed to vulgar language- not to mention a virgin. You got to give the girl credit, she was pretty dang clever and resourceful to pull off a career like that with no personal experience. I found her whole situation to be quirky and endearing, a hardworking law student who came from hippie parents who just so happened to grow illegal crops, and fell into a non-conventional job to support her education. I was afraid this may start going into the erotica territory, but that was not the direction for this story at all and I appreciated that.

"Oh holy hell, my mother was going to kill me. Not like stabby-stabby in the heart. Like guilt trip me to death kind of kill me."

I put on genre that this could be considered romance, which it sorta is but not in the sense that a romance book is romance (if that makes any sense). There was attraction, a hint of a relationship building, a whole lot of lust and love. But that in no way was the point of the book, it was just a little side note that I appreciated (I do enjoy a little love in all my books!). But, because this is not a happy little love story, there is not really a Happily ever after (which I wanted but would have been super unrealistic with these doom and gloomers).

Overall this was a very fun, completely unique and quirky read that I highly enjoyed and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new spin on Vampires or some Urban Fantasy adventures. I am pretty sure this is the end of the story for Kayel and Lathan, but I hope to get more books from the other characters and I would check out probably anything from Emily in the future.

I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes.

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