Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Review: Chosen by Grace (Divine Fate #1) by Alicia Rades

Book Blurb:

She thought the demons were in her head... until the night they attacked.

Ryn Tyler didn't intend to kill a demon when she moved to Eagle Valley—or to become the hero of a divine race of angels. She just wants to be a normal teenager, but fate has other plans.

While discovering the secrets of the supernatural, Ryn navigates a complicated relationship with Marek, the guy who can't stop saving her life. But Marek knows more about Ryn's magic than he's letting on.

Only Ryn has the power to stop the coming apocalypse. But there's a demon in Eagle Valley who wants that power for himself—and if Ryn wants to survive, she'll have to fight back.

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My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Angels, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen--

Ryn and her mother just moved to a new town, the most recent in a long string of places they have bounced around to. Ryn is excited to attempt to stay in one place, especially since she made a new friend. But one night while at a party, something crazy happens- Ryn hands glow and the imaginary shadows she has tried to ignore her whole life are real. Ryn has no idea what is going on but now she is part of a world she never knew existed.

I am such a sucker for Angel books, there was a point where I read any and all I could get my hands on but I feel like at a certain point they all started blending together and being too much of the same. I have since taken a break from a certain celestial obsession but when I came across Chosen by Grace my interest was peaked and I was swayed by the gorgeous cover.

I am happy to report that Alicia was able to create a new variation on the Angel genre. There was still the ultimate conflict between good and evil but the religious connotations were removed and instead the Davina are offspring from the Divinities, powerful godlike creatures who started the world. The Aedes are similar to demons but have different kinds of powers and relationship dynamics with humans, still full of evil intent but slightly justified in my opinion. I won't say too much more about the world in case of spoiling the surprises, but I thought the way the magic or essence rather manifested was interesting as well as the tie in to the name of the book was just about perfect and unpredictable.

Not only was there magic, a war between good and evil, a vendetta, a great friend dynamic, regular high school drama, mystery and secrets, but there was also a dash of romance. I am almost always a fan of romance sprinkled in my stories and this was no different. I did happen to see it as soon as the love interest was introduced but I still enjoyed their relationship build as well as the fact it was not super angsty or a love triangle. Keep in mind that this was pretty pg when it came to romance, maybe more pg-13 when dealing with the violence.

​This is just the start of what looks like an epic series. The initial conflict was resolved within these pages, but that is a hint of the war that is to come. There was no cliff hanger ending which I appreciated, but the adventure is not even a little bit over.​ This was a fast and fun YA paranormal read perfect for a lazy afternoon.

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