Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Review: A Dangerous Game (Untamed) by Madeline Dyer

Book Blurb:

A standalone novel set in the UNTAMED world...


All her life, Keelie Lin-Sykes has known what she wants: to protect her brother and sisters by killing as many of the soulless Enhanced Ones as she can. Oh, and to have fun while she’s doing it. After all, hiding in a secret Untamed community, while the group’s Seer warns them of danger, shouldn’t mean that life can only be serious, right?

But, when a face from her past suddenly—and secretly—shows up, Keelie’s catapulted back into the very world she's been trying to escape from for the last ten years: a world full of guilt, lies, and...love. And the deeper Keelie gets into this world, the bigger the risks become.

Now, Keelie must deceive those she values most in order to protect them, even though her actions will destroy everything she knows and haunt her family forever. But she can't ignore her feelings--not again. And Keelie will do anything to be with the man she loves.

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Dystopian, Mystery, New Adult, Romance, Survival, Suspense--

Keelie's life was ripped apart the night the Enhanced showed up and destroyed her family with their desire to "fix" the Untamed. After watching her best friend Red die and losing her parents, Keelie has spent the last 10 years training to destroy the Enhanced. On a routine raid, Keelie's world is turned upside down when someone from her past shows up causing her to rethink what is important and what she is willing to sacrifice.​

​I have been eyeballing the ​Untamed series for years but for some reason never picked them up to read, so when I saw that this was a standalone novel set in that world I figured that this was the perfect time to jump in. A Dangerous Game was a complete story, no need to have read a previous book and no start to a series, which is kind of nice to pick up a book and know you are holding the entirety. It was true that you don't need to read the Untamed series first, but I am now ever more interested in reading them since this hints at a lot of cool things that I am sure are well detailed in those books.

When I read the synopsis for the book and I saw that it was listed as a Dystopian Romeo and Juliet I was really interested in how that would play out (and slightly hesitant since I pretty much hate the actual Romeo and Juliet play). I was pleasantly surprised to find that this did have a forbidden love between two characters that most likely should not be together, but to me, that was not the complete focus of the book (and this is not a YA book, more a NA dystopian). This was very much so an action survival story with some romance and world building thrown in, and I liked the dynamic of the story.

​Well, I never saw the end coming, I was super shocked by the turn of events. Seriously, shocked here- I felt like my jaw was hanging open in surprise for most of the last chapter. This was my first book by Madeline and color me impressed. She was able to create a complete world, detailed original characters and a twisty plot to keep me guessing. I would love to check out more from her in the future, especially the Untamed series from the beginning.

As a side not, if you are looking for a happily ever after, this may not by a read for you. If you want a gritty, action filled, future dystopian read, then this is a perfect choice.

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