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Blog Tour: The Night Realm (Spell Weaver #1) by Annette Marie

Book Blurb:

The Night Realm (Spell Weaver #1) by Annette Marie

Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.

Publication date: October 20th 2017

Clio is good at all sorts of things. As a nymph, she’s great at outdoorsy nature stuff. As a nymph living in exile, she’s got the “blending in with humans” thing down pat. As a nymph living in exile because she has the rare ability to mimic magic, she’s had to pick up some unique survival skills.

But stealing from the most dangerous spell weavers in the Underworld? Not so much.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she has to do to earn a ticket back home. Conning her way into the night realm may have gone pretty well, but now she’s got a new problem. His name is Lyre and he’s a sinfully alluring incubus, a dangerously skilled spell weaver, and the only thing standing between her and stealing some damn magic.

Maneuvering around him without blowing her cover shouldn’t be that difficult, but chaos has been dogging her every step, monsters hide behind beautiful faces, and Lyre keeps saving her neck even though they’re enemies. Kind of enemies? Either way, her mission is getting complicated fast, and in the Underworld, even one mistake could prove fatal.

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My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Mystery, Romance, Royal-Court, Supernatural, Suspense, Urban Fantasy--

Clio has spent the last two years living in exile on earth at the request of her half-brother Bastian, the Prince of her people, due to her secret abilities of seeing how magic is made. While performing tasks for him that are important to the well being of her people, Clio longs to go home but will never refuse her brother's tasks. When his latest assignment gives her hope that if she accomplishes it she can return home, Clio overlooks the fact she will be sent into the most dangerous place in the worlds- the Chrysalis company in the Underworld. And that just so happens to be exactly where Lyre needs her to be.

So I will admit that I saw this was a book about Lyre and I reached out my grabby hands to take it, no questions asked. I had no idea that this was a prequel Lyre story, I just assumed that it was after the end of the Steel & Stone Series. But let's be honest here, I would have read anything with Lyre in it regardless of the timeline and I will read anything Annette wants to write- I have never met a book by her I was not totally in love with, so her stories are an insta-need for me.

Ah, how I have missed this world, where humans and Daemons walk together since the humans were made aware of their otherworldly presence- this is such a cool urban fantasy world that Annette has so delicately created. Be it creatures that could only come from the depths of her imagination or worlds with a nine hour eclipse and a great view of other planets, no detail is left unmentioned. Magic and danger fill the pages as well as developed, relatable, fallible and interesting characters. I connect to these people even though they are not human, but their emotions and desires resonate within me. I may sound like I am gushing... well, I am. I also may be in lurv with Lyre... Oh, and ASH! I did not expect to see him in these pages once I realized this was a prequel, but fortunately he showed his dangerous beguiling face! (I cherish each encounter between him and Lyre, watching them on their way to the bromance I know and love).

The dynamic between Lyre and Clio was perfect- a mix of humor, sarcasm, affection, exasperation, and curiosity. The two could not have been more opposite (yes, I am fully aware they come from opposite realms but I mean personality wise) yet the dynamic between them was the best balance. Clio was spunky, yet shy and eager to please and so very naive, wanting nothing but her brother's attention and to go home. Lyre is jaded, confident and longs to escape the manipulative world be was born into yet doesn't belong. The two should never even met, yet here they are battling their interest and attempting to save the world (sorta).

This is just the first in a series (of how many you ask?- I have no idea) with the start to an epic adventure but with so much left unsaid and undone. I seriously can't wait for The Shadow Weave aka book 2 in the series to see what becomes of Clio and Lyre. Lesson learned- don't mess with Hades. This is a must read for any urban fantasy fans as well as Annette Marie lovers.

Author Bio:

Annette Marie is the author of the Amazon best-selling Steel & Stone series, which includes Goodreads Choice Award nominee Yield the Night, and fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast- paced urban fantasy and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it’s not quite that bad) with her comparatively sensible husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

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  1. Great review, Katherine! This sounds very unique and well developed - I like a well crafted world! And the characters seem to have fun, easy to like personalities!