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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Never Apart by Romily Bernard

Book Blurb:

Never Apart by Romily Bernard

Publication Date:  October 3, 2017

Publisher:  Entangled Teen

How many times would you die for love?

What if you had to relive the same five days over and over?

And what if at the end of it, your boyfriend is killed…

And you have to watch. Every time.

You don’t know why you’re stuck in this nightmare.

But you do know that these are the rules you now live by:

Wake Up.




Now, the only way to escape this loop is to attempt something crazy. Something dangerous. Something completely unexpected. This time…you’re not going to run.

Combining heart-pounding romance and a thrilling mystery Never Apart is a stunning story you won’t soon forget.

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My Review:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Teen--

Grace and Ander have been “Falling” over and over again, entering an alternate universe of their lives where they have 3 days to find each other and two days to get away. But they can never get away from Finn, the boy that Grace once thought was a friend, but now is hunting Grace and Ander down to kill them and restart the cycle. But something is a little different about this Fall, something Grace can’t figure out. But one thing she knows for certain is that she will do all that she can to stop another Fall.

I loved every minute of this story and was instantly engaged in the world Romily created. Can I just say that this had twists and turns I never could have anticipated and the ending swept my feet right out from under me. I am going to leave this review pretty vague because I refuse to spoil anything and the ride was so well done by the author everyone should experience how the story unfolds. Where the book began was nowhere near where it ended and I was completely surprised by the journey. The emotions the author was able to drag out of me were so unexpected as well, I had no idea this was going to be a book I fought tears for. Sure, I knew based on the synopsis that the story was about repeating death, but I had no idea that I was going to feel Grace's sorrow, anxiety, weariness and anguish right along with her.​ Also another interesting aspect of the book was how important relationships are, and not just in the romantic sense, but the love between siblings, the bond of friendship and family as well as loving yourself.

​The book is told in alternating chapters from Now and Then, so the reader is dropped into the middle of the situation, literally watching as Grace and Ander battle for their lives with Finn and then vanish to somewhere new. But the “Then” chapters slowly fill in the story blanks and help the plot to fully bloom. I am not actually sure which parts I liked more, I think both were equally interesting to me but for different ways. The Now stuff made me connect to the struggle Grace is going through and root for her as a person. The Then chapters allowed me to get to know all the characters and find reasons for actions and how the Falls began. The longer the story progressed, the more I doubted Grace's feelings and ideas, questioning what I thought I knew. And Finn (the evil murderer!), he challenged her, accepted her for exactly who she was, didn't want to change her, and I adored him. My favorite line in the book just happened to described him perfectly-"Finn was an ass. He was freaking Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice down here to judge all us rednecks."

Overall, I just have to say that I loved this book and there is not a single thing I would change about how Romily delivered the words. ​I have no idea what this book would be classified as, maybe a mystery, but I think everyone should read it regardless of genre.

I received this title for reviewing purposes.

Author Bio:

Romily Bernard graduated from Georgia State University with a literature degree. Since then, she's worked as a riding instructor, cell-phone salesperson, personal assistant, horse groomer and exercise rider, accounting assistant, and, during a very dark time, customer service representative. . . . She's also, of course, now a YA novelist. So don't let anyone tell you a BA degree will keep you unemployed. Romily currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her debut novel, Find Me, won the Golden Heart Award for YA Romance from the Romance Writers of America in 2012.

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