Thursday, July 27, 2017

Review: When Smoke Rains Down (Kingdom Come #2) by Cecelia Earl

Book Blurb:

If only humans knew the invisible danger lurking around them...

In the aftermath of an explosion and Homecoming battle, Julia tries to form some semblance of a routine: work, study, and visit her brother who remains hospitalized. Unable to confide in anyone about her double life of being both human and angel, and fearful she'll bring more death and destruction to those she loves, she pulls away from her family and best friend.

When demons once again start to show up at every turn, seemingly bringing about her brother's deepening depression, she demands her sword from Nicholas. Ever the stern Guardian Angel, he forbids her from using it. Isolated, she takes protecting her brother into her own hands. But when demons show they have evils hidden within their weapons in addition to their ability to siphon souls from the living, Julia's not sure she knows the best way to handle saving him any longer. Especially when ash-colored lines begin to appear on humans, lines of demonic poison that travel through their veins toward their hearts and alter their moods.

Thrust into a dark world of conspiring demons, Julia is in more danger than she ever imagined possible. To stop evil from spreading and overtaking those she loves, she'll have to seek out the one person she mistrusts most--especially when a line appears on her own arm, and her apathy toward doing much of anything, including saving anyone, grows.

Enter a complex world where humans, demons, and angels collide, all battling to rule the Earth. For readers who enjoy young adult paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Fans of City of Bones, Hush Hush, Unearthly, Halo, and Hidden Wings will be captivated by this unique take on angels and demons.

When Smoke Rains Down is Book Two in the Kingdom Come series. Book Three, When Fire Rains Down, the final installment, will be out late 2017.

My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Angels, Another-World, Heart-Wrenching, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen--

Book 2 picks up about a month after book 1 ended, with Julia attempting to put er life back together after she learned that Angels and Demons are real, and she just happens to be part Angel. Not only is she trying to renovate her family restaurant that exploded from a demon attack, finish her senior year of high school, and not think about the missing boy she shouldn't like, but she is also trying to spend time with her best friend Mitch who should be grieving his girlfriend's death, but is instead oddly peppy, and her fun, easy going little brother has completely altered his personality since he was hospitalized, making him moody and unrecognizable. Julia is in way over her head, but soon she is going to have to make a stand and choose what she is willing to fight for.

​ I love angel stories and I am always on the prowl for new books about angels to read, and let's be honest, the covers on both book in the series(trilogy I think) are absolutely gorgeous (which always sways me to read)!​ I was curious to see how book 2 would be since I was kind of so-so about book 1, but figured the plot was interesting enough and I had lots of unanswered questions from the first book, so therefore I needed book 2. I liked that this was a totally new approach to angels and the fight against evil, without being too religions, and there were plenty of twists to keep me guessing.

​I am still not in love with Julia as a character. I feel that she is strong and true when it comes to her love and ​devotion to her family and friends, her willingness to sacrifice herself for them if needed. Yet... I feel like she consistently did stupid things just because. She wanted her sword and instead of agreeing to her trainer's rules and reasonings, she wanted to do it her way and risked her life (which her trainer then had to save her, and let's not mention the danger her family would have been in if she died...) to try and go around his rules to get her way. Seriously, all he wanted was her word that she would fight with the angels, which technically she wanted to anyway, but she was stubborn and refused. I kinda wanted to shake her. She had some serious growing up to do here, and finally, she learned that anger is not the tool she needed. (Oh and ps, I am with Mitch and don't like her hair either).

​There are kinda-sorta two love interests in this story- both her supposed Guardian Angles, Cole who she was instantly drawn to and Nicholas who she wanted nothing to do with ​yet is always there when she needs him. Cole was a big role in the last book and ere is is more an idea than a character since she thinks about him but he is actually missing, and I have my Cole suspicions. Nicholas was not in the first book 2 much , but everywhere within this story, and I kinda liked his reliability and stoniness, so we will see what happens next. I know who I root for (and yes, this was not a romance book really at all, but I personally like romance so I may have focused on it more) and I am interested to see what will come with Cole and Nicholas.

​I received this title in return for my honest review. ​

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