Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: The Fire Queen (The Hundredth Queen #2) by Emily R. King

Book Blurb:

5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Ghosts, Heart-Wrenching, Mystery, Romance, Royal-Court, Scary, Supernatural, Suspense, Witches--

This is book 2 in the Hundredth Queen trilogy, picking up the story with the group on the run after the events of book 2. Kali and her small but loyal group were on the hunt for the hidden away Prince, the true ruler of the people, while trying to stay one step ahead of the Rebels coming for them. When the prince is located, Kali finds that she has to participate in another kind of challenge to save her people, one full of magic and danger that she is uncertain if she is ready for.

I did not think it was possible, but the Fire Queen is even better than the Hundredth Queen (which sets the bar pretty high for the last book in the trilogy, but I am sure Emily is up for it). I think that I liked this book so much was predominantly due to Kali. She was such a great character in this book, so strong and competent, making me root for her hard core. In book one she was introduced as a sickly girl with minimal talents who grew into herself through the course of the book. But here, she knew who she was and what she wanted, as well as the lengths she would go to get it, and I wanted to stand up and cheer her on!

I also really liked the dual perspective this book used, where Deven was introduced as a narrator, it helped to give the story a well rounded feel where the reader was left out of nothing. It probably didn't hurt that I love Deven, so getting a peek in his head to see his motivations and ideas didn't hurt. I will admit that I found him a little irritating with his self-sacrificing attitude at times, but I understood where he was coming from. I hope the next book continues to show his perspective because he really helped to make the story more well rounded with almost an "outsider" point of view since he is not magical or royalty, but still trying to make the country the best it can be.

There are so many new characters added to this book, creating even more intrigue and depth to the plot and the world Emily has created. I of course love Kali, but I ended up liking the side characters just as much since they were so well fleshed out, with distinctive personalities and motivations. I hope that there is more Brock to come though, because I did miss his sarcasm and bravado. And Natessa hold a spot in my heart, which I find surprising due to how awful I originally found her at the start of the Hundredth Queen. I am really conflicted by the Prince, and I need the next book to see how I really feel about him though.

Did I mention a fire dragon? No? Well, yeah, there is a fire dragon. That's all you get from me because finding out and expereicning it is half the fun, but yes, a fire dragon exists within the pages of the book and it was surprising and epic. Fair warning.

​I received this title in return for my honest review, but I will be purchasing myself a physical copy as soon as it is available to keep my copy of the Hundredth Queen company on the shelf and so I can reread my favorite parts as I like to do with books I love.​

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