Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: Swinging At Love (Suttonville Sentinels #2) by Kendra C. Highley

Book Blurb:

Outfielder Tristan Murrell has a problem. As the number two slugger for the Suttonville Sentinels, his team is counting on him to make their very first run at the state championship. But he has a secret—his swing has totally deserted him. As in, he can’t hit anything. He needs to fix the issue, and fast, but how?

Ballerina Alyssa Kaplan has a problem, too. The shiny new sports complex in town has left her family’s batting cage business on the verge of going under. Nailing her audition for a prestigious dance company is everything, but there’s no way she’s letting her some shiny big-box company destroy her family’s livelihood.

Tristan needs a miracle. So does Alyssa. And maybe, just maybe, Tristan’s secret weapon might be the girl of his dreams…

Disclaimer: This book contains hot, shirtless baseball players, kisses that bring a ballerina to her knees, and a lot of baseball smack-talk.

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Teen--

Alyssa has always tried hard at everything only to come in second to her best friend, making her discouraged. But when she meets a cute boy at her father's batting cages, she is able to be herself and still get his attention. Tristan is having a slump when it comes to hitting the baseball and now that his team is in the finals, he needs to figure something out. He decides to go to the local batting cages where nobody knows him, just to run into a girl from his school who is criticizing his batting skills. Alyssa and Tristan realize that they have more in common than baseball, and they may need the other to succeed.

This is my second book in the Suttonville Sentinels series and it was just as enjoyable as the first book. The books are standalone teen romances set at the same high school with some character overlap, so each can be picked up to read regardless of order. I honestly sat down to read a few chapters and found myself blowing through the entire story in one sitting. The author's writing style flows smoothly and is incredibly engaging. This book is ideal for anyone who wants a sweet sporty romance, full of feels and cute characters.

I am pleased to report that where the plot had a big place to add angst and drama, it did not dwell to heavily on it (which I loved). The characters would have a fight or miscommunication error, but after a chapter or a day, they would talk and figure out the problem. It was such a nice change of pace from most teen romances where they are mopey and angry, or date someone else out of spite... Nope, not here. I will say that it was nice that Alyssa could dance and play ball, but I really wanted her to go back to baseball...or be a hitting coach...

I will always be a big fan of Faith and Kyle, so it was really nice to see them again in this book, happy and in love, as well as being a big support system for their friends. There are a ton of side characters the author introduced in this book so I have no idea who the next book will be about, but I know that I can't wait to read more about this town or pretty much anything by this author now.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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