Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: The X-Variant by Rosemary Cole

Book Blurb:

This is a science fiction tale about a girl, a zombie apocalypse, and a mission back in time. The book will be released on Amazon April 14, 2017, in paperback and eBook. SPECIAL PRICE: $6.99 paperback and 99¢ eBook from launch date through end of April only! Sorry, no pre-order is available on this title.

With her peaceful utopian world crumbling and humanity’s very existence under threat, Kala must travel back in time to 2079—when a global viral pandemic is raging—in a desperate attempt to change the course of the future.

My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Dystopian, Mystery, Supernatural, Survival, Zombies--

In the year 2616, people peacefully coexist with everyone, living with a symbiant in their heads that helps control all factors in life, be it communication to quick healing. Society is ideal, everything is as it should be. But it is not as it should be, people are secretly changing, an abnormality causing them to alter and no longer be recognized as a person. The X-variant causes the change, making the altered become aggressive and want to wipe out all normal people. There may be hope to stop the death of their people, but it will be a suicide mission.

I was really excited to get my hands on this because I love myself some dystopian, mix in some zombies (not actually zombies in this case but lets just call them zombies to simplify my review), and add in some time travel to change the past. Um, yeas please! I was really bummed though, when I started to read the story, because I was lost more than I was found. I don't mind being dropped into a new world and learning things as I go, but I feel like I never learned anything here. I started confused and it was never resolved, instead I just kept plugging along being confused about the original stuff, and then adding new confusing things as I went.

I do not understand bondmates. I first thought it was a process that a person underwent as like a marriage bond, but man was I surprised when other people were added to the same bondmate group just by holding hands in an act of sympathy (but then they all had sex so it's like a three-some???). Yeah, so that was confusing and kept being mentioned as if I should know the concept and understand the nuances of the bond. Yep, I didn't. And no, it was not the end of the world to not understand bondmates, but that was just an example of things that just made no sense to me so it was hard to care. I was just not feeling this story liked I hope I would.

The world did not seem at all like it was ever America, instead some far off planet with these alien creatures living there. I think I would have preferred the book if it had been some other world because it was hard to relate to anyone in this book as a human person. I found the concept of the world interesting, unique and like nothing I ever have encountered before. I think this book would be better classified as Sci-fi and not dystopian, which is good to know going into the book. I think others who love sci-fi will really like this book, it was just not for me.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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