Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review: Bound to Darkness (Midnight Breed #13) by Lara Adrian

Book Blurb:

Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way--no matter what anyone else has to say about it. A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well, headstrong, beautiful Carys is one of the most powerful of her kind. She lives passionately and loves without limits, especially when it comes to the lethal cage-fighting Breed warrior called Rune.

Unbeatable in the ring, Rune exists in a brutal world of blood and bone and death. He's made his share of enemies both in and out of the arena, and his secrets run as deep and turbulent as his past. A dangerous loner who has survived by his fists and fangs, Rune has never allowed anyone to get too close to him...until Carys. But when the bodies buried in his past rise up to threaten his present, Rune must choose between betraying Carys's trust or putting her in the crosshairs of a battle neither of them can hope to win on their own.

My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy, Vampires--

Carys knows she wants to be a bigger part of Rune’s life, but he refuses to let her in. When it means that it could be the end of their relationship, Rune gives in and tells a little about his past, but not who he really is. With another even more dangerous war brewing, the Breed order has to figure out where their place is in society now that humans are aware they exist. Danger is a normal part of the life of a Breed.

Let me mention now that this is book 13 in a series. And sure, each book features a romance with 2 different characters, but if you pick this story up to read you will be lost. Over the last 12 books the author has created such a complex world with alien species and secret wars and organizations, which a new reader would most likely be in over their head. I highly recommend starting at the beginning anyway, since it is an exciting ride and the first book will always be my favorite.

The best part of this book as well as most of the others is how your favorite couples show back up again and you get to see how they are doing now and what their lives have become. Each book is like a reunion and I always look forward to those snippets of my past loves.

My favorite part of a romance story is to see the slow build of the relationship between the 2 characters, but with this story the reader is dropped into the book after they have been dating for a few months. I felt a little bummed that I missed out on the fun part, instead I showed up where the relationship angst started. Also, this was a prime example of where miscommunication is used as a plot device, which I hate. If the characters had openly talked about the issues, everything would have been out in the open and the issues that came up later would not have existed. Maybe I just live in a happy bubble where honesty and communication is a big factor in relationship. Oh well. Anyway, the end where Carys kicks butt and Rune fully supports her was hands down the best part ever and reinforced (for me at least) why she loves Rune. It was pretty swoon worthy.

This was another interesting and complicated Breed novel, full of dangerous missions and hot steamy scenes. I highly recommend the Breed series for anyone who likes a good paranormal romance. I have not read the 2 books that came right before this one and now I know that I have to because so much is going on with this new generation of Breeds (like Atlanteans, which I was not in the loop for). There was also a hint of romance between 2 seemingly unlikely characters that I can’t wait to see how it plays out in a different book.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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