Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Games of Fate (Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon #1) by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Book Blurb:

Rysa Torres stumbles through life an overwhelmed young woman fighting against her attention deficit disorder. She can’t get a handle on the world, no matter how she tries.

But when monsters activate a part of her she didn’t know she had, Rysa becomes the Fate at the center of an epic battle against a terrifying future—and a world consumed by fire.

When Ladon and his companion beast, Dragon, find Rysa, they see only the potential hell a young Fate might unleash into their lives. But Ladon quickly realizes Rysa is much more than the daughter of an old enemy—she is his key to forgiveness.

With the threat of a burning future distorting Rysa’s Fate abilities, she sees only two options: End her own life, or watch Ladon, the only man to see beyond her attention issues and love her for who she is, die. Will they accept the only future they see, or will they find the strength to break the bonds of fate?

The Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon Series:

New Adult Urban Fantasy Romance

The Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon series takes Rysa and Ladon—and Ladon’s companion beast, Dragon—through a landscape punctuated by unfamiliar creatures:

Fates with the ability to see past, present, and future.

Ghouls called Burners who devour with fire and acid.

Shifters who shape much more than their bodies.

And two dragons who speak with color and pattern.

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Royal-Court, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Witches--

Rysa has struggled to control her ADHD her whole life, but tonight it is even worse. While trying to flee the distractions of the cafe, she is attacked mentally by images of fire and physically by a group of angry, odd strangers. Her life is saved by a fierce man and an invisible dragon, but that is just the start of her odd life. Something is happening to her and her world has just shattered around her. Rysa has no idea what is going on, but if she doesn't figure something out quickly, the whole world will burn.

I loved this book! The world was so developed and complicated, I felt myself helplessly falling into what I was reading. I would classify this as an urban fantasy, heavy on the heat (which was HOT in case you were wondering). There is so much going on in this book and if you blink you might miss something. Not only is the world complicated and involved, but there are so many interesting and well developed characters, be it from Rysa and her noticeable struggle with ADHD and Ladon and his world weary attitude, to the side characters who don't get an actual voice in narration yet they were so realistic and detailed I feel like I know them anyway. OOoh, and the villains were so bad they were good (in the sense that I was intrigued to learn more/see more about them and what evil they would bring). I was not sure what to expect when I started the book, but I could not be happier with what I received.

​I think this is the first time I have ever written a book with a main character that had ADHD before. Since I have never experienced the condition, I guess I never really thought about the hardships that go along with how someone with it sees the world. I can imagine that this story would be the most realistic version of the trials that occur and really bring the struggles to the surface. At times I was confused as to what I was seeing (aka reading, but it becomes visual to me when lost in a good book) because everything was so choppy, but I think this was probably the best way to fully immerse the reader into Rysa's head. Her visions were some scary stuff, let me tell you. She was so strong to keep going in the face of so many WTF moments and changes.

​Is it inappropriate to say that I am in love with a man-dragon? Because it is totally true, I absolutely love Ladon and his beast. I think I probably liked Dragon first, with his compassion and caring nature, but was soon swayed by the man. I though it was interesting that they were a unit, together they completed each other yet were 2 individuals. I loved how sweet Ladon was that he allowed Rysa to tell him to back off, yet he would give her no-strings attached comfort when she needed it. He may have been a jerk before, but he was a heart melter.

I need the next book asap because I can't imagine not knowing what will happen next. This was an engaging unique story and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new urban fantasy read.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

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