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Review Tour & Giveaway: The Forgotten Heiress (The Bolles Dynasty #1) by Susie Warren

Book Blurb:


Fionn Lynch is a self-made Irish billionaire, sought after for his striking appearance, razor sharp intellect and ability to thrive in volatile markets. When his mentor dies unexpectedly in a tragic accident, leaving his business and family in turmoil, Fionn steps in and takes charge. He seeks out estranged heiress Olivia Grey to help squash the unpleasant rumors. When the details of her secret past are leaked to the media, she must decide if she is willing to trust Fionn and allow herself to be drawn into her estranged family. Sparks fly between the two when he persuades her to accompany him to New York to salvage her family’s crumbling financial empire.

A shy clothing designer who was raised by a guardian in an attempt to save the Bolles family from shame, Olivia proves that she has the strength and determination to survive. She has to fight her way through relentless media scrutiny, memories of her father, and the expectations of the elite New York social world–all while trying to keep Fionn at arm’s length, for she refuses to settle for an emotionally distant relationship ever again.

It proves impossible to deny her attraction to Fionn. Is their growing bond enough to overcome all the obstacles thrown into their path?

The Forgotten Heiress is the first book in a six book series. Each book is a stand-alone category romance and tells the story of one of the Bolles family members.

Publication date: June 28th 2014

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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My Review:

3 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance--

Olivia has spent her life feeling abandoned and lonely due to her parent’s lack of interest in her. All she wants is to make her small fashion design business successful and life a quiet life. But after her father’s death, she is thrust into a world she does not understand filled with people she does not know. Her one ally, Fionn, is a man who was her Father’s company competitor and has a bad reputation. But everything she has seen of him, she feels drawn to Fionn. Can she survive this ordeal with her heart intact?

This was a sweet story of a naïve girl/woman who has no idea what she is doing in life or in love. I had no idea this was a romance when I first started reading it (yes I realize now that the cover should have given it away, but I did not see the cover when I first heard about the book). This was a very fast read; I flew through the 120ish pages (as per my ereader) in a couple sittings. The writing style flowed well and the plot was very straightforward, with no love triangles (which I was convinced there would be). I would have loved if there had been more to the story dealing with the fashion world because I loved that aspect of the book and wanted to see some diva drama, but alas that did not happen here.

Julia tried to be tough, but at times she was so sensitive and unsure of her place in any world. I am sure her upbringing played a big factor in her insecurities, but she pushed through. I was a little confused by Fionn at times since he wanted her to be emotional and connect, and the next minute he would tell her that she was too close and needed to distance herself. He was the most confusing part of the story. The book was told in alternating views of Julia and Fionn, but I never really felt like I knew or understood Fionn at all. His parts were seen through his eyes but really never delved into his personality except his attraction or anger at Julia. Julia was much more fleshed out as a character, making her more real to me. At one point, her Father’s wife came to her and told her some terrible info on Fionn, the same info Fionn already told her about and stated was untrue and hurtful, yet she feels upset by the woman. I was so confused by her conclusions sometimes, and yes I know emotions almost never make sense, but still.

I felt like the story was very predictable, but I can appreciate the simplicity of it and the fact it was just a cute romance. I also felt like the ending was too rushed, I would have like more from Fionn in the groveling department, but oh well. I have already recommended this to my romance reader friend and I would like to read more in the series about the other siblings. As a side note, I love the new book cover.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.

Author Bio:

Amazon bestselling author Susie Warren writes heartfelt and passionate contemporary romance with tempting, larger than life heroes and smart, sassy heroines. The stories are set in elite and glamorous worlds and appeal to readers looking for an escape from everyday life by offering jet-set lifestyles and sophisticated plots. Her category length series, The Rosa Legacy and the Bolles Dynasty, feature remarkable, stylish women and the sinfully tempting heroes that challenge them to reveal their secrets, their strengths and their deepest emotions. Susie lives in New York with her inventor husband and their three lively teenagers.

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