Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review: Remember by Shannon Dermott

Book Blurb:

When sixteen year old Charlize finds herself unmistakably lost in the forest with no memory how she got there, it was easy for her to assume the angel face boy who saves her was there to. But little did she know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a brush of death, she finds new reasons to live after the unexplained death of her father. Her only regret in last three years was letting the one boy she could have loved get away.

Plunged into a world not of her making, there are those that will hunt her, a foe that calls her Little Queen, and her torn heart. Most of all, she will have to remember and face her memories if she is to survive.

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Angels, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen, Vampires, Werewolves--

Charlize aka Charlie has been going through a terrible time recently since her father was found murdered in their beloved woods. Charlie refuses to believe that animals killed him like the police believe, but there is no evidence otherwise. While trying to put her life back together, strange things start to happen, like passing out and waking up in the forest, the feeling that someone is watching her, and her odd nightmares that feel real. To make matters more complicated, her old best friend Alex has been hanging around more, and a new mysterious boy keeps showing up whenever she is in danger. There is something odd going on and Charlie wants to figure out the truth.

I was drawn in to reading this book by the pretty cover. Shallow, yes, but truthful. I started reading and can honestly say I had no idea what I was getting into genre-wise. So after reading a few chapters, I went to Goodreads and re-read the book synopsis which had intrigued me originally (and that I had promptly forgotten). Well, the synopsis, in my humble opinion, does not fit the book and it is kind of misleading (not in a bad way, I am glad nothing is revealed) but it is so vague and has none of the meat of the story mentioned I was surprised. Usually a synopsis at least hints at a genre/classification for a book, but this I feel was lacking. That being said, I was not certain what direction the book was taking while I was reading it, and I enjoyed the guessing. Sure, I had some ideas and speculation, but nothing was set in stone or so blatantly obvious as to what would happen next. I was caught up in Charlie’s emotional struggle as to how to cope with her dad’s death, which love interest she was more drawn to, her struggles to be a teen in a world filled with drama, her strange nightmares, and the random supernatural elements thrown into the plot occasionally. There was a vivid cast of side characters, each interesting and independent, which helped the story along as well. I enjoyed this read, regardless of the terrible ending and the fact it is the first in a trilogy that requires me to wait to get my hands on the next book.

And yes, I did mention a love triangle. I personally don’t like love triangles in my books, I enjoy other conflicts as plot devices instead of the back and forth of a dreaded triangle. Charlie has always lived in the shadows, not having really any friends (except her dad and nature) and never having a boyfriend. Well, now she has two very attractive man-boys throwing themselves (sorta-kinda) at her and she feels torn as to who she wants. There is safe comfortable Alex, who was her best friend for years until they grew apart and has now made his interest in her known. And then there is the very hot, mysterious and maybe a little dangerous Peter who comes and goes as he pleases but Charlie can’t help but want regardless of her good intentions. I know who I liked, no question about it (at least at the start, I may have wavered near the end I admit)- Peter. I liked his brooding and darkness, as well as his honesty to her about his feelings and intentions, and where the relationship was going. Alex drove me insane- he would claim to want her, and then be back with his evil-ex-Raine and flaunt her around, and then try to make a move again. I wanted to shake him and have him make a real play for Charlie and when he finally did I wanted to cheer for his gumption (finally), not some half-assed whatever he did before.

The last 70ish pages of the book took a concerning turn when it came to my interest level. There was a bombshell reveal that felt a little too much like the Twilight series(which I did not like the original so I had zero interest in reading a knock off). Also, the angst level of Charlie was almost overwhelming- I love him, no I love him, no I love him...I am ready for sex, I'm not read for sex, take me now, don't touch me... It was too much for me. I wanted her to pick a guy and then just go for it but her indecision almost drove me mad. Lastly, the ending of the book had a lot happening action and info wise, and it was in a very short amount of time (like 10 pages) so I was a little confused and wish it took place over a longer time period. I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending of the book has some serious heartbreak bombs dropped so I have no idea what to expect from the complicated love situation that is Charlie.

Overall I enjoyed this book and will come back for another helping when the second book in the series is available. I would gladly read more from the author because I enjoyed her ability to create developed characters and a fast moving plot.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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