Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Sin (No Way Out - Book One) by Shari J. Ryan

Book Blurb:

I’m called Sin. People think there’s a reason for my name, and they might be right. Most of us think we live in a world that runs on truth, politics, and laws. We don’t. We live in a world full of lies and deceit. That’s why some of us are here in the town of Chipley. Two hundred prisoners and Reese. Sweet, innocent Reese, who was taken and held captive in a shed for three years by my father. Releasing her is dangerous, but I have to. She’ll think she’s being saved. She’ll think she’s getting a second chance. She’ll think she’s finding a speck of light in the darkness her world has become. But the light reveals what the darkness has concealed. And it isn't pretty. In Shari J. Ryan’s Psychological Thriller, you’ll be left questioning the definition of truth.

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Another-World, Mystery, Survival--

Reese has been held captive for the last 3 years in a dark shed, with no answers as to why she is a prisoner. On her 18th birthday, she sees a new man through her crack in the wall, someone who wishes her a happy birthday. This man is Sin, and with his help, she will leave behind her dark cell.

I have read another book by this author and very much so appreciated it, just like I did with this one. The author is able to blend well developed, interesting characters with a mysterious, totally messed up plot. I can honestly say I was not let down by this story, which in actuality was more like the first part of a novella at only 70ish pages. Somehow, I was able to get into this snippet of a dark, creepy world, where there was almost no explanations for anything, only more questions were raised. My only complaint for this book was that it was too short because I wanted more, there was a terrible cliff hanger ending, and I have no idea how to get my hands on the next volume so I can see how everything plays out.

Reese was an interesting blends of innocence, wariness and competency. I expected her to be broken, as she first gave the impression, but then she showed a surprising amount of spunk and determination that I never expected. Sin on the other hand, was much more of a mess. He is accused on murder and was locked in a mental institute (not necessarily for said murder) and at times acted like a wounded animal, ready to bolt at any minute. Mind you, he was a large, hot and totally ripped wounded animal, but I was still never sure what would happen next.

The ending was so mean to leave me hanging. I really want to read more and see what kind of mess further develops from this situation. I have yet to be disappointed by this author and would read pretty much anything by her at this point.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.

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