Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: Marked (Marked Duology #1) by Jennifer Snyder

Book Blurb:

A mysterious stranger she can’t stay away from, a birthmark with a hidden meaning, and one bite that changes seventeen-year-old Tessa Morganton’s destiny forever…

Life for Tessa had always been steady and calm—with the exception of her overly jealous boyfriend—until the moment Jace Fowler walked into her life.

Jace—incredibly charming with boy band good looks—is someone whom Tessa can’t seem to stay away from… no matter how much she knows she should.

After surviving a strange animal attack, Tessa learns just how mysterious and secretive Jace really is, and that his secrets not only involve himself…but her as well, making Tessa question everything she’s ever believed regarding her life and those around her.

My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Teen, Werewolves--

17 year old Tessa's life is turned upside down when mysterious and attractive Jace walks into the resturaunt she waitresses at. He compels her in a way nobody else ever has and she is drawn to him, much to the disgust of her boyfriend Sam. Tessa tries to not give in to her feelings, but she can't resist what Jace makes her feel. But Jase has a hostile ex girlfriend as well as a huge secret that may be more than Tessa can handle.

I love werewolf stories, especially ones about mates and animal bonds and such. Happily, I can say that this book did not let me down. It was an engaging fast read that was able to keep me engaged the entire length of the book, be it from the werewolf saga or the heaps of teen angst also thrown in. I would call this a teen story since it focused so heavily on the dramas of high school, parents and curfews, teen romances as well as friendships. But it also had some romance thrown in as well as a dash of the paranormal (more so in the end than anywhere else). I like how the author blended all the elements together to give the story a very realistic feel to it.

I though Jace was incredibly romantic and sweet towards Tessa, but his secrecy and ambivalence towards Shelby(his ex) drove me a little insane. I really wanted Shelby to be put in her place, desperately. I thought Tessa was a pretty straightforward character and for the most part very honest (minus the whole current boyfriend/cheater thing which made me crazy that she just didn't get rid of Sam the tool) so overall I rooted for her and felt like she was a real person I would want to hang out with. I love the friendship between her and Rachel, and I hope to see more of her in the next book.

The book is part of a duology, so it cuts off kinda sorta abruptly, most certainly leaving me wanting more. I can't wait to see the direction the next book takes since it will deal with more supernatural issues (I'm guessing) and less of the teen issues that took up this story. I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next, which I need ASAP. I will also check out other books by this author because I enjoyed her writing style and character development.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.

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  1. I love this review! Thanks so much for reading Marked. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the beginning of Tessa's story!