Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié

Book Blurb:

Katelyn McBride’s life changed in an instant when her mother died. Uprooted from her California home, Katelyn was shipped to the middle of nowhere, Arkansas, to her only living relative, her grandfather. And now she has to start over in Wolf Springs, a tiny village in the Ozark Mountains. Like any small town, Wolf Springs has secrets. But the secrets hidden here are more sinister than Katelyn could ever imagine. It’s a town with a history that reaches back centuries, spans continents, and conceals terrifying truths. And Katelyn McBride is about to change everything.

Broken families, ageless grudges, forced alliances, and love that blooms in the darkest night—welcome to Wolf Springs.

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Audiobook, Mystery, Supernatural, Werewolves--

Kaitlin’s mom died during an earthquake, causing her to be uprooted from her life in California to live with her only remaining relative, her estranged grandfather, in tiny Wolf Springs Arkansas. Kaitlin is miserable and depressed, and is counting down the days that she graduates from high school so she can go back to her life as a dancer/gymnast. Wolf Springs has something strange going on, but nobody wants to tell her what it is. All Kaitlin knows is that girls have been killed by animal attacks and everyone is on edge. And something may be coming for Kaitlin next.

As most of my reading friends know, I have a love/hate relationships with audiobooks. I love the idea of them and I keep picking new ones to listen to, but I hate them because I am usually unhappy with the story or the delivery. Well, in a surprising turn of events, I really liked this audiobook. The plot was fun and interesting enough, I liked Kaitlin for the most part even though at times she was oblivious, and the narrator, Tara Sands, was great and did not annoy me even a little. I will say though, that this audiobook is the whole package in my eyes.

There were a few things that bothered me about the plot. Kaitlin was a hard core athlete and did gymnastics and dance all the time, but as soon as she moves (which is pretty much at the beginning of the book) she never does anything remotely related. Sure her grandfather mentions classes at the community center, but Kaitlin scoffs at them and would rather do nothing. Which completely baffles me. As someone who is so dedicated to her craft and plans to be a professional performer, then wouldn’t she try the classes or at least work out on her own? If she was over it due to depression over her mother’s death, then that I would understand. But she still talks about it all the time, calls herself an athlete and plans to go on, so why wouldn’t she keep practicing. A year is a long time to not exercise/practice your skill, you know the use it or lose it idea. A side note, I liked Kaitlin despite my complaints. She has had some bad things thrown at her, but she stays tough and fairly positive, trying to make a go of her life. She can change a tire no problems and learns to shoot a gun like a pro (ok, that is an exaggeration, she barely hits her target, but at least she tries). But at times, she is a little clueless as to the town, the wolves, Cordelia, Justin, Trick and the weird things that happen. Trick was an interesting character who I can’t quite put my finger on (who does some strange things) and I absolutely love Justin and everything he is regardless of his relationship status and how he acted at the end (Jesse was super cute as well and I liked the interaction between the brothers).

I was pretty sure I knew who the evil-doer in the story was, but I enjoyed the slow build up to the events even while I sat and speculated as to what would happen next. The cliffhanger was the absolute worst, it felt like the story was not finished, but instead stops in the middle of a sentence and I hate it. I read some negative reviews of the story, and some had valid points, but to me they were not big deals that caused me any issues with the book. Overall I really liked the story and look forward to the next book in the series and probably more from the author as well. I would also love to have more audiobooks read by Tara Sands because she is the best I have heard (so far).

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