Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Outage by Ellisa Barr

Book Blurb:

When fifteen-year-old Dee is left at her grandpa's farm in rural Washington, she thinks life is over. She may be right.

A high-tech electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack destroys the country's power and communication grids, and sends the U.S. hurtling back to the Dark Ages. Can Dee learn to survive without the basics: electricity, clean water... even her cell phone?

The chaos caused by the EMP isn't her only problem. A sinister plot by a corrupt official threatens Dee and all she holds dear. She will have to fight if she wants to survive in this hostile new world.

Written for all fans who love apocalypse stories, Outage is a Young Adult novel of survival with a hint of romance and a lot of action-adventure.

My Review:

2 Out Of 5 Stars

Dee gets left behind at her Grandfather's farm when her parents want to get away on a cruise to Alaska. Dee resents being left behind and wants nothing more but to go home. When "borrowing" her Grandfather's car to go to the bus stop for a ticket home, she picks up a hitchhiker on the side of the road. The hitchhiker is Mason, an attractive boy just a few years older than 15 year old Dee who seems to have a life plan. While driving, something happens and the truck stops. Little do they know, not just the truck stops, but everything stops. In a world run by technology, how can a 15 year old girl survive?

I am a huge fan of dystopian, but I feel like recently I have not found a title that I can really connect to. The concept for this story was more realistic than most, so I liked the direction the author went for the basic idea of why the world turned on it's head. Unfortunetly, I just did not really enjoy the book. I could not get my interest to stay on the story while I was reading, my mind kept wandering, and when I put the book down I did not think about it at all. I feel bad saying I was not a fan of the book so this will be the shortest review ever. I found Dee to not really be a very likable character and overall everything else was just blah or unrealistic to me. I can't put my finger on what my problem with this story was, and honestly it could have been me and my crazy busy life recently was not conducive to reading.

That being said, even though I was not a fan of the story I am sure that someone else will absolutely love this book.

I received this title from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I appreciate your honesty about the book and thank you for such a good review.

  2. I appreciate your honesty about the book and thank you for such a good review.