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Blog Tour Giveaway and Review: Here They Lie by D'Ann Burrow

Book Blurb:

Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow

(The Bloodstone Legacy #1)

Publication date: October 5th 2015

Genres: New Adult, Southern Gothic

Reese Everett’s aunt picked a bad time to die. Just weeks after a car accident left Reese’s mother unable to travel, her aunt’s house needs to be emptied and sold, leaving Reese as the only member of the family who can do the job. She typically wouldn’t balk at the opportunity to sift through her aunt’s collection of antiques, but when she arrives in Devil’s Vale, Georgia, she discovers the family house in a state of disrepair she won’t be able to handle alone. Colton Waters is back in Devil’s Vale – whether he likes it or not. After he loses his acceptance to medical school with no explanation, he’s left with a single job offer…one that will return him to the hometown he’d hoped to escape.

When an errand to help his sister ends in a meeting with Reese neither will easily forget, Colton takes a job as her temporary handyman. The longer Reese stays in town, the more she realizes the condition of her aunt’s house isn’t the only thing she hadn’t expected when she made the trip to Devil’s Vale. Reese isn’t the only gifted member of the family – her aunt Kate has been practicing the family business…the business Reese has been sworn never to discuss. After a ghostly visitor arrives one night, Reese and Colton learn Kate wasn’t the only one practicing the darker arts. They begin to uncover secrets that refuse to stay buried. Here They Lie won the Young Adult Romance Writer’s 2014 award for New Adult fiction.

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My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Ghosts, Mystery, Supernatural, Witches--

Reese has been sent by her parents to the small town her ancestors helped start to clean out the house after the death of her Great Aunt Kate. Reese has plenty of experience cleaning out estates and determining what is valuable since that is what her family does for a living. Little does she know that her Aunt's house is in total disrepair and full of trash, and the town has more than a few secrets she may need to know. And lets not mention the ghost that lives in the house. Colton just moved back home after a failed academic decision that crushed his dreams. He took a job to help Kate renovate her home right before she died. But since he already got paid and has nothing else to do, he figures he might as well fix the place up. Reese and Colton don't know each other, but are thrown into events they can't escape.

I love a good ghost story, full of scary encounters and mystery, with a dash of romance, and that was just what this was. Learn from my mistakes and do not read this book in the dark alone. There were some parts that were not a big deal when it comes to scariness, but others were terrifying and I had to stop reading to double check that I was not being visited by an unwanted guest of the spiritual variety. Another great thing about this book is that it caused me to think and ponder what was really going on when I was forced to stop reading when real life dared to get in the way. The plot was twisty and ominous things were hinted at, and people were so obviously plotting grand schemes that the main characters had no idea about and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I was instantly drawn into the story right from the first page with the mysterious fog, the writing was engaging and I got lost in the story as well as the characters.

The few issues I had with the book was the switching between character's points of view. The book was narrated by Reese and Colton and would jump between the two almost every other chapter and sometimes randomly in the middle of chapters. But my issue was sometimes I had no idea who's view I was reading for at least a couple of pages. There was no clear cut voice for each character sometimes during the narration, the way they thought/spoke was really similar and it took me a while to catch on as to who I was with in the book. Also, there were a few discrepancies I found with character backstory- for example, Reese is in grad school and has been at least for a year (I think) but then at one point it mentions she in under age and can't buy alcohol (which how can she be under 21 and in grad school unless she is a genius and skipped grades which is never mentioned) but then later it talks about her just looking young but not being young. In summation, I have no idea how old Reese is, which is not the end of the world because I can pretty confidently say she is in her early 20’s. My problem was the confusion I felt towards the situation and the back and forth of conflicting information. This also ties in to the ex-boyfriend situation. She caught her ex cheating and told him to move out of her place right before leaving to clean the house, yet it mentions how she has not had anyone buy her a drink or how to act around guys cause it has been a while. What? A while since you dated or a while since you went on a date with someone new? I am confused as to her dating status, but whatever. These issues are not imperative to me enjoying what was a really intriguing ghost story, it was just some little nit-picky info I would find myself stuck on while reading.

Overall I thought this was a great story with realistic feeling characters (regardless of the supernatural elements) and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book because this story ended with a big freaking cliff hanger reveal! The story took a twist I never saw coming and then it was over so I desperately need the next book to find out what will happen next. I really can't wait to. I received this title from the author and Xpresso Book Tours.

Author Bio:

D’Ann Burrow once told her preschool teacher she wanted to be a witch when she grew up. That simple comment signaled the start of a life-long fondness of things that go bump in the night. As she grew older, she could most often be found with her nose buried in a book, and she was especially fond of the Nancy Drew series as well as anything by Christopher Pike or Stephen King. Occasionally she’d take a trip to the world of the classics where The Scarlet Pimpernel and A Little Princess reigned among her favorites. She’s lost count of the times she’s read Little Women.

Today, D’Ann enjoys the world of Supernatural, stories about guys with fangs, and she’s seldom met a disaster film she hasn’t liked. When she grows up, she’d like to work at the Haunted Mansion. Until then, watching Ghost Hunters will have to count as research.

D’Ann writes about secrets people keep. Even the bravest heroine or a guy with a heart of gold has a few skeletons in the closet they’d rather not share with the world. When those secrets get out, things get interesting.

A Texas native, she knows making great guacamole is an art form. As a theater mom, she’ll happily chat about Broadway musicals by the hour. Molly and Lizzie, the family furry ones, are frequent stars of her Instagram account.

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  1. Haha I love reading scary books in the dark, but then I always regret it >.< This one sounds creepy and fun and right up my alley! Great review, Katherine!

  2. Yay! This looks awesome! Thanks for the chance!