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Review: Curse Defiers by Denise Grover Swank

Book Blurb:

For centuries the gods have waited—for the betrayal that will release them, for the traitors who will defend them, for the warrior who will challenge them. Now at long last the gate between the human and spirit worlds is open, and with it, an army of vengeful demons poised to swarm the earth. Only the Curse Keepers, Ellie Lancaster and Collin Dailey, can stop it…if they can break free from a tangled web of treachery, jealousy, and lies.

Torn between two men—her heart belongs to David, yet her soul is bound to Collin’s—Ellie no longer knows who she can trust. Demons slipping through the gate are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, each death a chilling reminder of the power of the ancient spirits to bring humanity to its knees. Faced with an unimaginable future, Ellie realizes the time has come to turn her back on prophecy and choose her own destiny—even if it means defying the gods themselves.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Curse Keepers trilogy, humanity faces its final battle for survival!

My Review:

4 Out Of 4 Stars

Genre: Supernatural, Another-World--

Ellie is back in the third book in the series, picking up about a month after the last book ends. She and David have been researching like crazy to find clues about stopping the Gods and their minions. Ellie ends up learning some truths about the two Gods vying for her, making her uncertain where to draw the line of good and evil. With the help from her friends as well as some unexpected allies, Ellie is up against her greatest threat ever.

This series was so windy and intricate, but I think this book in particular was so twisty and had some shocking reveals that I never saw coming. This is the third and final book in the trilogy, which is bittersweet for me. I have enjoyed the magic and history the author has created, as well as the confidence and moral compass that Ellie has developed through the series. I will make this review brief since I don’t want to spoil any of the surprising things the author throws out at the reader.

Ellie has had so much growing up to do during the course of the three books. She has matured from a bit of an immature flake to a take charge competent warrior. If I could change one thing about Ellie it would be her need to have a man in her life, be it to cuddle or save the day. Almost every time she faces some big life altering challenge, she has one of her two men by her side to help or even just encourage. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that she has an amazing support team, but it feels at times she leans too heavily on them instead of believing in herself. She also cried quite a few times in the story, which yes I know things suck and it hurts, but this is your destiny so buck up. Near the end of the story she does take a stand alone and I completely rooted her on.

I may be alone in this opinion, but I was team Collin all the way, right from the start of the series. He was upfront about his character and what he wanted, Ellie just turned a blind eye to his faults until it turned against her and she blew up at him. He has never been perfect, yet it seemed like Ellie wanted him to rescue her from her life as a knight in shining armor. I think Collin really stepped up in this book to be the emotional support Ellie needed as well as her cohort into the scheming against the Gods. He made his feelings for her clear, but he never crossed the line from being her friend because he knew she had feelings elsewhere. I really ached for Collin here. Yes, I know that pretty much all of this was his doing, but cut him some slack; he thought he had too but now he repents and tries his best to help. I just wanted to hug Collin.

I found David to be confusing in this story. In book 2 he was great, believing in Ellie with no doubts and was the rock she needed. In this book it seems like he is sucked more into the supernatural world Ellie lives in and he breaks down and blames her. He knew what he was getting into and the danger involved, so I got mad at him for his reaction to Ellie. Yes, whatever, they love each other, she needs him, blah blah. I still wanted Collin to be her lobster regardless of everything.

The ending did leave me hanging a bit. Usually, when a series wraps up, I like for all the loose ends to be completely tied up in a big freaking bow, but that was not how this series ends. There are multiple things left unsaid or undone, but there is a feeling of power and belief that is created. I felt that even though there is so much of a mess left behind for Ellie to clean up/figure out how to conquer, that she has all the tools and skills she needs to save the world, which is not a feeling I got from the other books. I personally would love another book, but am satisfied by the conclusion the author gave me. I like the direction that Ellie took with her Curse Keeper choices, the Gods beware. I have enjoyed this series with its original take on the Lost Colony of Roanoke, throwing demons and a good vs. evil power struggle into the mix. I would recommend this to any person who likes a supernatural action book with romance thrown in.

I received this title form the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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