Friday, March 13, 2015

Review: The Quick and the Undead by Kimberly Raye

Book Blurb: Welcome to Tombstone, Texas, where anything is possible, even your wildest fantasy. Once a haven to outlaws, Tombstone is now a tourist town that gives travelers a taste of the old West. What visitors don't realize, however, is that the super-hot cowboys, gunslingers, and lawmen walking the streets aren't actors-they're originals. These ancient vampires claimed Tombstone two centuries ago. So step right up, folks, and book your trip today! The outlaws of Tombstone will be waiting . . . Travel blogger Riley Davenport loves her job, travelling to the most exotic places in the world. Even better, it keeps her one step ahead of her stalking ex. The last thing she wants in her life is a strong alpha male. But that's exactly what she gets when she comes face-to-face with Sheriff Boone Jarrett, a hero right out of her most erotic fantasies. Boone isn't just the law in Tombstone, Texas. He's also an ancient vampire and the target of a crazed killer. He certainly doesn't have time for romance. But a temporary fling? Now that he can handle. Unfortunately, their first night together ends in disaster when Riley witnesses a murder. And to protect her, Boone forces her into hiding. Only her "captivity" ends up becoming the realization of her wildest, most carnal fantasies. Still, Riley's not going to fall for him, at least that's what she tells herself. But as she gets to know him-the man and the vampire-she starts to wonder if she can hold out . . . My Review: 3 Out Of 5 Stars
Genre: Vampire, Romance-- Boone was once a Sheriff, but was turned into a vampire and become part of the Tombstone Ten, an infamous group of robbers. A hundred years later, the once disbanded 10 regrouped to try and make a go of an old west themed vacation resort. Boone now is the pretend Sheriff for vacationers, letting them get a thrill of what Tombstone once was. Riley is a travel blogger with a ton of excess baggage (metaphorically, not actually) trying to get a new experience for her followers. Boone and Riley instantly connect, but personal demons as well as a murderer on the loose may stop them from being happy. To be perfectly honest, this wasn’t great. I read Ms. Raye’s Dead End Dating series and absolutely loved every wacky hilarious moment of it, so I had high hopes for a new series by her. Unfortunately, this fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, it was not terrible, it just was not what I wanted and is nothing like her previous books except there happens to be vampires involved. This is most certainly a romance with a happily ever after, no if ands or buts. The book seemed really short at 180 pages and it read really fast if you want a quick book. There was a complete story, but I personally would have liked more from this book over all. The book was told from alternating views of Riley and Boone. I felt like the characters were well developed as individuals, but as a couple they did not really exist. The story has the two meeting and it’s LUST at first sight. They want each other, finally get over reservations, and sleep together the first night. Ok, whatever. But then they don’t really interact with each other for the rest of the book, but then all of a sudden (and yes, it was sudden) they love each other. The story takes place over a week, so it is a whirl wind. But I feel like lusting is fine, but where did the love come from? Seriously, they barely interact except for inappropriate thoughts here and there after the first night. I can kinda understand why Boone develops feelings for her since he can literally read her mind and see her past to determine what kind of person she really is. I can buy into him admiring who she has become and the adversities she had to overcome. But Riley develops feelings for him based on her assumptions of who he is, even though she thought he was an actor at first anyway. He keeps her captive (for her own good of course, as is always the way) and brings her baked goods nightly, she is convinced he does not want her in any shape or form, so of course she comes to love him. Maybe a little Stockholm syndrome going on? Sigh. I find the two of them to be a little ridiculous. There was murderer coming for the Tombstone Ten, and you get little snippets of this person throughout the book. I did not read the end until I came to it in the story (which is absolutely shocking for anyone who knows me since I always read the ending first) but I had figured out the murderer almost from the start and I was correct. I guess this was not really a mystery but a romance, but I like to be stumped or lead astray a bit more when trying to figure out who the villain is. The characters try to accuse another suspect but it was pretty dang obvious to me who was after everyone. And the whole showdown thing with said murder was a letdown that resolved super fast and occurred predominantly off screen anyway. I was also looking for more info or a follow up on Riley’s ex and his unfortunate stalking, but the book never resolved the problem. As if 3 years of fear just vanished with the power of positive thinking? Sure, whatever. I was not in love with this book and would recommend the Dead End Dating series hands down over this potential series starter. I am sure some people would prefer this title to the other series though since this was more of a sexy drama than the goofy bumbling vampire comedy I was expecting. I will read more from this author, just not in this series. I received this title from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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