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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Infusion by Alyssa Thiessen

Book Blurb:

Rachel is ordinary. Average. Utterly unremarkable ... until her best friend shoots her on her 16th birthday and a stranger brings her from death’s doorstep with an infusion of his own DNA.

Then everything gets weird.

She heals impossibly fast. She sees places and creatures that couldn’t exist. She senses the thoughts and emotions of others. When she seeks an explanation from her new friend, Tyler, he persuades her that she has been chosen to lead him and three other DNA-infused teens in protecting the world.

Defending humanity against pitiless, inter-dimensional creatures bent on invading the world and destroying its inhabitants is a daunting task. Can Rachel learn to trust her team and believe in herself? Can she draw on the strength of the one who saved her?

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“You take the one on the left.” Tyler straightened.

“What? Take it where? What am I supposed to do with it?” Panic surged again, choking me. As I asked, I was on my feet, knees bent slightly, right in front of left. My hands curled into fists. I should’ve run across the dirt. Instead, I watched the creature, waiting for my moment. To do what?

He whispered, “You’ll figure it out. Your body will mostly know what to do.

”Mostly. I focused on a point beyond them. Open. Open.

The creatures caught sight of us and shrieked. They leapt toward us, moving faster than I’d ever seen a person or an animal move. One reached Tyler as he met them halfway. He jabbed with the metallic weapon in his hand.

The second one attacked me. I dodged, and my sneakered foot connected with its back hard enough to send it flying. My body … reacted. The creature scrambled from the ground. I chanced a sidelong glance at Tyler. His creature was on the ground surrounded by a black, sticky substance. Another approached rapidly.

I snapped my attention back in time to see my creature charge me again. I swung my fist and connected with its skull. It hit the ground. Pain shot through my thumb and hand. No time, no breath for a scream, but a yelp escaped me. Another creature reached us and lunged at me. I cradled my throbbing hand. I sidestepped, but it whirled and grabbed my leg. Claws dug deep into my skin as it threw me off balance. My stomach smacked the ground. Instantly, I pushed up, jumped to my feet, and threw my fist into the creature’s throat. It fell back, coughed, then came at me again. Ignoring the pain in my hand, I sprang forward and grabbed its shoulders, swung it around, and threw it down.


My Review:

4 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Teen--

Rachel was out watching the stars with her best friend Jared when the next thing she knows she has been shot and knows she is dying. When a strange man appears and puts his hand on her, she is certain that she was struck by lightening and passes out. Next thing she knows she is in the hospital with gaps in her memory as to what really happened that night. But something is not right, Rachel appears to be healing faster than expected and she is having strange visions she doesn't understand. Rachel has no idea what is going on and pretending everything is normal does not seem to be an option.

Is it bad to say that this was like a modern, better acted, more engaging version of the Power Rangers? When I got the end of the book, that was the first thought that I had about the book. There story brought a bunch of mismatched kids who had nothing in common together, there were strange new super powers, awesome dangerous gadgets, a mysterious man who may or may not be an alien, scary monster like creatures who want to destroy mankind and another dimension (world?) that can be traveled to through portals. Umm, yes please! This was nothing like I anticipated when I first started reading and I mean that in a good way. Alyssa was able to create engaging characters, an interesting plot and the best kind of pacing that kept the reader engaged right until the last word.

Rachel is the main character, who like the reader has zero idea as to what is going on, but slowly the story starts to come together as she is given pieces to the strange she now lives right along with the reader. We get to figure out the plot and craziness right along with Rachel. Can I just say how impressive I found her to be with how mellow she was with her worldly changes, she just rolled with it. Hmm, new healing powers and visions? Yep, ok. Another dimension with evil monsters? sure, no biggie. Must be Tuesday! Her no-nonsense approach to life made the decision for her to be leader perfect. For the side characters, the other teens (or pre-teen!) who made up her super-team were unique and distinct voices, making them mesh into a solid unit without taking away from the strength of character that was Rachel.

I love that this is a standalone story in a world of series. The entire story was able to be wrapped up in a single book with no cliff hangers and I appreciate that completely. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good series, but it was nice that this is a complete story unto itself. This was a fun fast adventure that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an engaging supernatural adventure regardless of age. This was my first book by Alyssa and it won't be my last.

I received this title in return for my honest review.

Author Bio:

When she's not donning her secret identity and saving the world, Thiessen keeps busy writing her next novel, reading something beautiful, teaching high school English, drinking coffee, cycling, and hanging out with her family - husband, kiddies, and miniature schnauzer.

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