Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Cursed (Beholder #1) by Christina Bauer

Book Blurb:

Although Elea’s the most powerful necromancer in history, she’s spent most of her nineteen years imprisoned in the Midnight Cloisters. Enchanted manacles keep her unique brand of soul magick in check. While the guards and initiates seem contented to torment her, the Cloister’s Mother Superior is obsessed with finding a safe way to destroy Elea, both body and soul.

Escape seems impossible until a handsome hunter named Asher offers to help. Elea takes a chance and soon develops feelings for the mysterious stranger. However, Asher may not be who he claims. Then again, Elea may not be, either…

My Review:

Genre: Another-World, Mystery,Supernatural, Witches--

Elea lives a simple life taking care of her parent’s farm until one day when she receives notice that her good friend Tristan has been injured. Elea goes to him, but finds that he has been cursed for opposing the new Tsar of the Necromancers and is left on his death bed with only moments left. Tristan tells her that because he holds her most dear, she too is cursed with the death curse, and has but 5 years left until she too will die and her soul will join his in eternal torment. Elea wants to fight back and decides it is time to use her necromancer skills and seek training to take on an ultimate enemy.

I was excited to read this book because I love Ink Monster publishing company and I had heard really good things about this author, and the story is about necromancers which are super cool. Unfortunately, I just could not get into or really enjoy this book. For some reason, I just felt kind of blah about everything I read and while I was reading, I never once was engaged in the story or connected to the characters. I think I was a little overwhelmed with details, which makes since due to this being the first in a series and the world needs to be built, but it was too much for me to care about at once. I really wanted to like this, but I honestly just didn’t. Maybe my expectations were too high, so it could entirely be my fault in this situation. As a side note, I can’t quite put my finger on why I could not engage with the story and I don’t have any specific problems with the book to list as to why I didn’t like it. It just really did not speak to me and was nothing like I was hoping it would be. The setting in the story reminded me a lot of the Hendee's series Dhamphir, which I love, so maybe I was comparing it subconsciously to an incredibly engaging world with characters I love and know. If that’s the case, then I understand why the story didn’t mesh for me.

On the positive, the world build was intense. There many types of magic/power/supernatural groups of people, each with a different skill, way of acting/behaviors, certain clothing and living space. The groups were so detailed down to the very last thing about each person. I started to identify and categorize new characters based on what they looked like or acted without prompting from the author. I give mad props to the author for her details and the complex layers of this magical world.

I am positive that someone else will be in love with this book, and based on the other reviews I read on Goodreads, tons of people do love this book. Sadly it just was not for me. I would like to try reading something else by this author in the future.

I received this title from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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