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Review Tour & Giveaway: Fighter Girl by Kathryn James

Book Blurb:

"It began three days ago with a fight. Seems that for me, everything begins with a fight..."

Sammy Jo may be strong, fast and tough, even in heels, but she gets into trouble when she fights some local thugs to save a rich boy named Gregory.

Now bad guy McCloud is after her - and he's even more dangerous than her forbidden love for Gregory.

Fighter Girl was published in the United Kingdom under the title GYPSY GIRL.

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My Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Teen--

Sammy has secretly been doing illegal street fights to make some extra cash since she can’t compete in any more legal fights until she turns 18. Nobody but her best friend knows about it, and that the way she wants to keep it, so she fights under the name Gypsy Girl. When her sister is getting married, they travel to an open field that has meaning to her gypsy family. But when they get there, they find that the land has been changed and a shady business man wants them gone. Sammy refuses to back done, even if it means exposing her secret. But there is more going on than she could have guessed.

Can I just mention that I saw what the conflict was almost as soon as it was introduced? There was no surprise for me when it came to the big mystery and the expected problem. That being said, this was not a bad book and I did enjoy learning about Sammy and her contradictions as well as her family and the gypsy ideals. I love reading about Gypsies, and I find it so outside the scope of my world to think that there are people who live like this today. I am such a homebody that the idea of living in a trailer and relocating whenever the wind blows would stress me out. I also loved the extravagance of the wedding, and how the bigger/more sparkly the better.

I really liked Sammy and her confidence and intuition. I enjoyed getting inside her head to see the contradictions that she was, being a strong competent fighter mixed with a girly girl, and the intuition/customs of the gypsy. Usually those do not mesh (at least in my mind), but she made it real. The one aspect of the story that did not fit was her infatuation with her gorjer boy Gregory. He was ok, but it kinda felt like instant love (or infatuation) on her part, and I did not find him very interesting to be honest. Sammy was so full of life and spunk I wanted her to be with someone equally as vibrant, but oh well. My favorite part of the book was when she beat the thugs in the alley like it was no big deal, and then continued to shop for the wedding. She was the epitome of Girl Power.

Overall this was a fun romantic suspense about a Gypsy girl who knows how to fight and refuses to back down to those who want to hurt those she loves. I received this title in return for my honest review.

Author Bio:

Kathryn lives in Leicester with her family, writing full time (and loves that!) Kathryn always wanted to become an author and wrote her first story at age eight. But it took quite a while and lots of different jobs before she got published.

She's worked with gypsy and traveller children, working from a converted bus with a rainbow on the side, doing video and photography projects, and documenting travelling lives. Mist draws on and is influenced by her work with this community.

She's also written scripts for a local video production company, many of them for children and teenagers.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and her website

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